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what can i do to make my car stop doing this.... i have great tires and i dont wanna use aftermarket shocks cause i love the confort of oem... so under this parameters what do you people suggest? thanks 

i was thinking maybe wider tires could help but im afraid the handling would not be as crisp specially in the front...


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Whether a car mainly understeers, oversteers or has more neutral handling is mainly due to weight distribution, front-to-back tire/wheel size and tire inflation.  Front engine cars with transmissions connected to their engines usually understeer.  Cars with rear engines and transmissions (e.g. RWD Porsche 911) are prone to oversteering.  Mid engine cars exist largely to provide more neutral handling allowing both understeering and oversteering at the control (and skill!) of the driver.  Some manufacturers (e.g. Alfa Romero) went so far as to use front engines and rear transaxles to get more neutral handling.

Aftermarket shock absorbers / dampers will not reduce understeer.  Different tires are not going to help either although some front engine vehicles (e.g. Lexus IS350) have larger tires and sometimes wider wheels on the back that somewhat reduce understeer.

I've driven several GS sedans similar to yours and remember them handling much like the LS400's I drove over a 24 year period.  They are not what I would call nimble but these are fairly large and heavy cars.  They handle quite well for what they are.

My main suggestion is to monitor your tire pressures.  Follow the placard on the driver door post and don't get carried away with too much pressure.  Be aware that tire pressure changes on its own about 1 psi for each 10 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature change.  I find myself adjusting tire pressures far more often in Winter than the rest of the year.  This being Winter and you being in Nebraska, I would hope you would be driving on winter tires on your GS if you are using it at all and would not be very concerned with handling.  Winter tires almost always have much worse dry traction than all-season and summer tires so one has to be careful to drive more carefully when using them.

My wife was born in Nebraska - Sioux Falls.  BRRR!

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Try 2 psi or more in your front tyres.


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      This is a new car to me that I bought with the no start engine. Only 42000 miles since last timing belt change . Here's what I found when I opened it up.
      Several bolts on water pump  housing were loose. Alternator lower bolt was broken. The tensioner pulley was completely  broken apart so I don't have any pictures of that . Water pump shaft was bent and water composed inoperative. That's why the coloring on the water pump pulley is shows discoloring from the Heat. Who knows what happened in terms of the sequence....
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      The low beam HID headlights on my 2003 GS430 stopped working.  So looking into the cost etc, I decided to go with the OEM Philips D2R on Amazon for $44 each and replacing both seemed like the appropriate plan of action to get the best light.  My local autozone et al wanted 70-90 for 1.  There are cheaper alternatives on eBay and Amazon but I wanted to do the job once and maybe again in 13 years.
      There a gray plastic ~5" diameter plastic covers on left and right sides right behind the headlight housing near the bumper.  The plastic covers are removed by twisting them counter-clockwise.  Once you remove the covers you will either see a 9006, non HID light bulb which is an angle connector with bulb built in or a HID D2R which will have a silver colored metal protector and a silver colored sheathed connector wire.  
      The metal connetor protector cover is held in place by two clips; top and bottom of the bulb holder, 12 & 6.  Remove the bottom of the cover first and then slide the metal cover out from the top clip.  The clips are bulit into the bulb holder so you can't lose them and are simple spring metal.  The metal covers will have cutouts to match the clips on the bulb holder/housing.  Once the metal covers are off you can now remove the bulb connector.
      The bulb connectors are horizontal position and need to be rotated 45 degrees or so to be released.  The bulb connectors have 4 positions where the bulb's two round knobs connect into so it's hard to tell if you should rotate CW or CCW and left and right sides rotated differently on my car.  The connector will only rotate one direction and it comes off fairly easily so don't force it.  
      The buld has a round base with round winglets that secure the bulb to the slotted connector.  Once the connector is removed you can remove the bulb.  On my car, the right connector had to be turned 45degrees up to fit on the bulb and then rotated down to be horizontal and the left was attached down and rotated up to be horizontal.  Remember how you took the connectors off as you will have to put them back on.
      The bulb base has indentations on it that match the headlight housing and the bulb can only be inserted one way.  There are two spring loaded clips that hold the base into the housing.  The clips are long spring wires that are fixed at the bottom of the housing and secure around two two metal tabs at the top of the headllight housing.  Pushing the rounded end of the spring in and pushing it from under the metal tabs will release the bulb from the housing.  Observe the shealthed wire connector and its location relative to the springs, as you will need to replicated this during installation.  Be careful removing the bulb as the external wire is exposed and you can break it very easily.
      Reversing the procedure will be a lot easier now that you've gone through the removal process.  The bulb external filament will be on the bottom and the indent in the bulb base located opposite at the top which is important to remember when installing it.  Once you have identified the indent on the headlight housing base ^|^ and the corresponding matching indent on the bulb base the bulb will easily slide in place and the metal springs will easily get pushed underneath the metal tabs.   Connect the connectors, rotate to horizontal position.
      The metal backing cover should be slipped under the springs at the top and connected first and then snap the bottom in place.  Keep the connector wire in the same position and then put the gray plastic cover and voila!  it's done and you have succesfully saved yourself hundreds of dollars!  
      My descriptions are pretty exact and I have never replaced HID headlights on any other car so can't tell if my car/year is unique or not.  I would be surprised if there are different methods as "variation is the enemy of quality" (Deming) and Japan used Demings theory in creating their reputation for quality!
      Have fun 
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      Please call (323) 462-0121 to make arrangements to see at mechanic facility  in Hollywood, California  (Santa Monica Blvd/Gower area)