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  1. I've always heard of them referred to as C-BEST settings (Customizable Body Electronics System). I know I've seen a list posted around here from time to time. For the ES, I think most of the more advanced features were introduced in 2002 for the re-design (things like "pathway lighting", where the headlights stay on for 30 seconds after closing the drivers door, etc)
  2. Hey dude thanks for the info! I'll have to call around about removing the old mirror. Is the adhesive really that good? You'd think a shot of rubbing alcohol and a couple hits with a chisel would work..I don't understand how the windshield would break from that. ← It's some very strong adhesive--I (and the shop) tried solvents much stronger than rubbing alcohol, with absolutely no luck (the guy at the auto glass shop said this was perhaps the strongest adhesive he had seen). I would tend to shy away from using a chisel--it's thicker than a small putty knife, and it has no "give"--one
  3. The toughest part of doing this mod on a 92-96 is that you'll have to change out the windshield mount for the mirror, as they used a odd, square shaped mount with incredibly strong adhesive (97-99 use a "universal" mount, so it's a much easier mod on those cars). I had to call at least a half dozen auto glass shops before I could find one willing to pull off my Lexus mount--most places said I was nuts, and that the windshield was certain to break. I finally found a shop willing to do it (for free, no less!, and it happened to be a shop that the dealer used for repairs, so I figured I'd go for
  4. Exactly. Cars with newer projectors exhibit a phenomenon called "color flicker." Viewed off-axis, the lights appear deep blue to violet, but straight on axis they look white, even with a slight hint of yellow. The light on the road is pure white except for a fine band of purple at the very edge of the cutoff (about an inch, visible on a dry, concrete road). I'll be riding in my friends Jag X-Type, and we'll pull behind a white car at a stoplight, and I'll be able to see a very fine purple stripe projected across the trunk lid. Some newer cars with halogen projector lamps exhibit color flicker
  5. What year is your ES? On my '96, the front wall of the trunk covering the wiring harnesses for the taillamps is more of a heavy nylon felt than a plastic.
  6. His sig says it's a 93--I don't think the 3VZ-FE was ODBII compliant--was it OBDI?
  7. The ES was refreshed a bit in 2000. Besides the changes you've mentioned: *Xenons and a leather/wood steering wheel became available as options *The grille and front bumper changed *The audio and climate controls received wooden faceplates I believe side airbags were added in 1998. Vehicle Skid Control was added as an option around 2000, as well.
  8. I feel your frustration . I have a split seam on the top of my rear bench of my '96, too, even after constant conditioning with Leatherique, Hide Food, Lexol, Zymol, you name it. Years of non-conditioning by the original owner, and the way the black upholstery absorbs the sun have done the top of the seat in. In fact, the leather shrank so much that the seat cushion is bent on one side, leaving an unsightly gap between seat and package shelf (reference my thread about that a couple weeks ago, where I initially thought the seat was misaligned-it wasn't) I'd love to find a local shop willing t
  9. I believe the only 2004 Lexus models with Bluetooth capability are the LS 430 and the LX 470. Unfortunately, I don't think you'd be able to interface your Bluetooth phone with the car (unless I'm reading your post wrong, and the Motorola kit comes with a Bluetooth receiver to plug into your sound system).
  10. Thanks, guys :) I'll try and pull the bench tomorrow and re-align the 3 hooks at the top. I'll keep the tilting forward trick in mind.
  11. On my 96 ES, the rear backrest seems misaligned when looking in the back window. On the driver's side, there is no gap between the backrest and the parcel shelf. From just to the left of the high mount stop lamp all the way across the passenger side of the car, there is about a 1/2" gap between the seat and the shelf, exposing the ugly yellow foam beneath the seat. I tried adjusting the bolts (the 12 mm bolt on each side that fits into the "U" shaped anchor at the bottom of the backrest) but this didn't help. Do I need to adjust the 3 hooks at the top that hold the backrest in place? Or do I
  12. I'm right with you, amf I used the Radio Shack contact cleaner spray on all of the sockets this weekend. I replaced both turn signals this morning (single filament 1156 bulbs) and both sidemarkers (168 wedge base bulbs). The license plate bulbs (168 wedge) and all 4 stop/tail lamps (1157 dual filament) have been all replaced over the past month. All bulbs are the proper type, properly secured, and properly sealed in their sockets. As of now, all systems are go, knock on wood :D . Immediately after I replaced the left 1156 turn signal bulb, I hopped in and flipped on the hazards, and it w
  13. Alright. I pulled every single bulb out of both taillamp assemblies, and used the contact cleaner. The tail/brake lamps are working fine now. Unfortunately, after a day of things working perfectly, my left rear turn signal now doesn't work. I guess I'll be dismantling everything again tomorrow and changing the turn signals on both sides. Is the change in resistance (or voltage, I'm no electrical engineer :D ) from the other bulbs working again "shocking" the turn signal and knocking it out? There seems to have been a domino effect over the past month--changing two taillamp bulbs knocked my l
  14. Sorry, the 97-01 are completely different in size, shape, and bulb type :( You'll want to find lamp housings from a 95 or 96. 92-94 headlamps are the same shape and use the same bulbs, but they have lighter colored chrome inside and don't have the 3 lines across, and the 92-94 tails are slightly wider--they go all the way to the license plate and have an extra marker bulb above the turn signal). Also, the amber strip on the 95-96 tails is different than the 92-94. So you're best off sticking to the identical 95-96 parts.
  15. Nah, a hardware store probably wouldn't be of too much help for a screw that delicate. The two things I can think of that use screws that small are eyeglasses and watch cases. So, an eyeglass store or jeweler may be able to help. If the dealership won't sell just the screw, I always see random used keys up on online auction could always buy the key for spare parts (screw and plastic cover).
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