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  1. I've had my 93 for almost two years and never had a problem with it overheating. I use green coolant, works great. I bought mine with 66k on it and it currently has about 89k on it. I think the overheating issue was more of a rumor that got blown out of proportion through discussions on bulletin boards. you know how that goes.
  2. is skperformance still around? he's gotta know the answer...
  3. Can anyone confirm or deny that 92-94's can not be reprogrammed? Am I out of luck or do I just have the wrong instructions?
  4. When I said keyless remote I meant that I got a remote key, the one with the little button on the side.
  5. Hey guys, I got a keyless remote on ebay...FCC HYQ1512A, which is the right one for my car. I have searched far and wide and have tried every set of directions I could find. Nothing has worked for my 93 ES. I replaced the little battery in the remote, didn't work. Then I came across something on ClubLexus, where a guy said that 92-94 ES's can't be programmed because of some rom chip thing. Is this true? I couldn't find anything on this forum about it. Please help. I'm thinking that maybe I should just go get an aftermarket keyless thing installed, but I'm scared about whoever installing it !Re
  6. Thank you both very much! And thanks for the pics of those switches, I will know to look for those when I check the car out. Also, I dont' think I would buy the $150 compressor, but it just seemed weird that there was that big of a difference. Along those lines, check out this auction on ebay: link This says the compressor works with 90-97, is that reliable information? Again, I really appreciate this guys.
  7. I'm looking to buy a 92 LS400 from a coworker for a very good price. She is an older lady and it's been babied its whole life. I currently have an ES300 and my wife and I are looking for a car for her and this came up. Anyway, apparently the only thing wrong is the AC compressor went out. I was looking around and found them for between $400-500 on ebay for a new one, but then I found compressors for a 93-94 LS for about $150. It says that they won't fit in the 92's, but I was wondering why. Does it just bolt into the engine bay differently or will it actually not work? Also, how do I know if
  8. I have a burning oil smell sometimes in my car and I've had the valve cover gaskets replaced, didn't help. I'm running synthetic oil too, and the smell never occured when I used regular oil. No blue smoke from the exhaust either, I have a mystery leak somewhere.
  9. You explained what you thought. But that wasn't my question. This guy has sold thousands of keys and it says ignition/door only. My question was is he mistaken or is there something more than the way it's cut? I don't really understand what you're trying to say with the chicken little thing btw...
  10. Then how would this explain the seller in that auction telling me those keys would only open the doors and ignition? I emailed him specifically about it since his auction says "these keys are for doors/ignition" and I asked him if it would open the trunk and he said no. Is he just mistaken?
  11. So basically they are just cut differently? There is nothing different about the actual physical structure of the uncut valet vs the master? It's just an extra groove they add in when they cut it?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I ordered a master already from Sewell Lexus. But I was looking on ebay and found some aftermarket blanks that have the Lexus logo on them so they look factory, but they say they are valet keys only and I was just wondering what that meant. The guy said that the blanks, when cut, will only open the doors and turn on the car even if it's cut from a master. Does that make sense? It seems like if a valet just has an extra notch that those ones on ebay would work just fine. Here's a link: notice how he calls i
  13. Hey I was just wondering what makes a valet key cut different than a master to make it not able to open the trunk/glove box. Is there a notch or groove somewhere on there, or is the key a different shape or length or something? Is there a way a locksmith could take a valet key and make it work like a master? Thanks!
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