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  1. Car has been sold. Thanks for looking!!
  2. Hey all! I hope this is the right forum for this. I know how hard it is to find a really good used Lexus, and I want my baby to go to a good home. So here it is.... The car has approximately 155,000 miles on the body, BUT...the engine is like brand new with less than 40,000 miles and almost every wearable part has been replaced over the past year. I have invested over $6000 in new parts to make this one of the nicest and most reliable Lexus on the road today! Please read below for a total list of all new parts and upgrades. Vehicle Condition The following has been replaced, install
  3. All good suggestions, and I think I'll have the scanner look at it. Thanks all!
  4. OK you one for you! When I'm on the highway for 10 mins. or so in my '93 ES300, a little light comes on that looks like a genie's lamp. My mechanic thought it was from a defective "oil sending unit" and replaced it. Nope, still comes on. There's plenty of oil on the dipstick and it runs cool all the time. Any ideas what could be causing the light to come on? :cries:
  5. Damn, I just bought those for my car! Found them in the "thrifty nickel" for $20 apiece! Should I sell them in my upcoming garage sell??
  6. Hey, for us tall people, I'm 6'3", how did the driver's seat measure up? My '93 model has never fit me as well as I would have liked. Do you think the overall interior head and leg room has increased?
  7. I've replace the shocks and still hear some scraping when there's anyone in the rear seat or the trunk has somewhat of a load...100 lbs or less. After 150,000 miles, do you all think it's time to replace the springs? If so, what brand should I search for? Any ideas on aftermarket options? Thanks!!! :)
  8. Hey all! Does anyone know of aftermarket availability of new carpet and steering wheel restoration for a 1993 ES300? I've spent millions of dollars..uhhh OK.. hundreds of dollars restoring my '93 Lexus and have just a few items left. These are the most important to me at this time. Anybody have some sources???? Thanks! :D
  9. You can find many here in the Dallas area for around $5000.
  10. Living in Dallas Tx., you almost NEVER have fog. That in mind.....ugly yellow lights on the front of your car, suck! I just want to see if anyone like myself have the same hatred for the ugly lights. And if so, what did they do to spruce up the nose.
  11. I did just that this morning. Went to Toyota and bought their coolant. Figured I take most of you all's advice. Thanks!
  12. I think the ugliest and most useless item on my '93 ES300 are those yellow fog lights! Does anyone know if there are any aftermarket clear lenses available or aftermarket driving lights that fit in the same space? I've looked online through many sites to find the same size, good quality lights, but haven't found any.. :cries: Or, has anyone modified the area for later model lights and had success?
  13. Great timing! I have to buy coolant for my '93 ES300 Saturday. Changed out engine with a imported japanese used engine and am doing the final install. Now after reading all these comments....I have no idea what coolant to buy!!! I need to buy a ford or something, drive the out of it and make no decisions about anything! :chairshot:
  14. "es300man, you went and did it....... you opened pandora's box again. Here we go with the Less Filling/Tastes Great arguement." LOL!!! Yeah, I guess I did. I learned the hard way though, that the old engines don't like the new introduction of Synthetic Oil. Started leaking from all orafices!! That is why I just spent $265 for all new seals and o-rings for the newer engine. Thought I would start out knowing all that stuff had been replaced. I plan to use synthetic in this engine....yes, I said synthetic. :D I should have it out of the shop by the end of the week..I hope. I'll tell
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