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  1. Hey heres the list of repairs and or upgrades and what i paid 592.41 Polarion xenon hid kit 6000k installed myself 712.47 Flushed cooling system, tranny fluid flush and spark plug change (Labor killed me on that one had it done at the dealer.) 657.29 New left and right rear struts and boot and break pads and labor. 390.00 remanufactured axel shaft and assembly left and right axels front and labor. 504.77 4 new continental conti extreme contacts v rated all weather 100.93 New megatron interstate heavy duty battery 314.99 new fuel filter, new ignition rotor, new distributor cap, new ignition wire set, new pcv valve, new alternator belt, and labor. 455.00 New water pump, timing belt, power steering belt, a/c belt and labor. 557.48 new valve cover set, new upper torque mount , new plenum gasket plus labor TOTAL=4285.34 + amount paying for rebuilt trannsmission with 1 year warranty. 6500.00 I feel is pretty fair all records, everything with the car
  2. Hey guys as I stated before I had the transmission fluid flushed at 60k miles at the glencove ny lexus, I am just going to bite the bullet pay for the transmission rebuild which will come with a 1 year warranty, after I receive the car back I will be putting it up for sale 6500.00 with all records, second ownership, clear title, perfectly maintained is this a fair price for a vehicle that has had over 6,000.00 worth of work put into it in the past 2 years?
  3. Hey whatsup guys I love my car, i purchased it for 8,000.00 in 2003 with 55,000 miles on it it was mint, no cracks in the leather, and put another 4,000 + in the car putting in real xenons, had both front axles replaced, rear shocks and struts, timing belt done, water pump, battery, radiator, spark plugs tranny flush and engine coolant flush done at 60,000 miles. The car was never in any accidents, regular maintenance done, all 4 tires replaced in december of last year. My question is, at this point should I pay to have a rebuilt tranny put in and keep the car, put a new tranny in and sell the car, or sell the car as is, and get a NEW IS250 all wheel driver? By the way the transmission fluid looks like oil, and is not shifting AT ALL? Anyone else ever experienced this?
  4. Hey whatsup just wanted anyones input on the sc in terms of how they handle in the snow and rain, I own an es right now, and I am considering a possible 92-2000 sc 300/ 400
  5. laxdude3622 your sc is sick, i noticed you are looking to upgrade to 18's but those gold bbs's are straight fire i would stick with those, P.S. congrats to the new sc400 owner looks like a VERY good deal on your sc400
  6. Its funny you ask, i took my car the other day for an inspection and the owner told me he has a 95 es300 with IS300 rims and he says it fits perfect. After hearing this i think i might be on the look out for some IS300 rims.
  7. ^^^i appreciate that. In regards to some people thinking higher bulb # = better bulbs i believe it depends on the car, in my case i have a 93 es300 so i was going for a more stock look and the blue diamond (unfortunately for me the most expensive of the colors) was perfect, if i put blue, or purple it certainly wouldnt have looked stock, but i see alot of 7 series bmw's with purple, and blue hid's and they look real nice.
  8. ^^^ hi picture came out that way, they arent purple they are diamond 6000k i spent extra for the 6000k they are a white with blue tint, the purple does not look good IMO, and the real blue looks fake. These look fuzzy because my camer SUCKS lol
  9. heres the pics enjoy by the way these are for the low beam setup im still considering getting the high beams even though i dont use them that much.
  10. Get the polarion HID xenon kit comes with everything the ballasts, philips bulbs i paid 600 and installed them myself WELL worth it
  11. Hey whats up everyone i really dont post to much on this site but i figured i would contribute with my first upgrade to my 93 es 300. I went all out on this upgrade. The xenon kit is made by polarion with philips bulbs. The kit cost me 600.00 and took 2 hours to install. I would love it if some one could host picks i can take some pics of the whole set up and how they look at night. I went with the diamond color xenons, i truly believe the 600 was well spent especially since the car only has 72,000 miles on it (purchased it with 55,000 last year) I remember someone on this site has some silvania xenons but i truly believe the polarion setup is where its at. Either way if anyone can host some pics please email me at s8787s@aol.com thanks and if you have any questiones about the setup let me know
  12. thanks so im guessin the silvania kit will fit my 93 es??