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  1. I have the same problem with my '00 GS300, someone said on this forum that it was the shock absorbers. I cant seem to find what it is. Lexus did not find the problem. I still hear it, If it is the shock absorber, then I have serious problems understanding physics, this noise also happens when the car is still and I move the wteering wheel.
  2. Unbelievable! Your family sure knows how to keep a car in shape!
  3. As a former Beemer 5 series owner, I can tell you that they're two different animals. There are really positive things aout the BMW's. However, the best way to buy them is brand new, or with an extended warranty, the parts are so pricey and you have to stay on top of it. Mine seemed to love the shop, I'm very picky though. still, it's a wonderful handling vehicle. Now, as a 4 time Lexus owner after the Beemer, currently with a GS300, I find it an absolute charm to drive, very comfortable, I'm 6'5" at 205 lbs and it's got what I want. Very reliable and I support the claims by Toyota that Lexus vehicles are built to perfection. The quality and craftmanship are unbelievable. I once had a 95 LS400 that I sold when it had 289,000 miles, no oil drips and everything worked, windows, stereo, transmission, suspension, etc. Spent maybe 4,000 bucks for replacements/preventive repairs after warranty had expired (This of course, by doing some of the preventative stuff myself and on big items like timing belts, etc. by using a 3rd party shop, not dealership) My beemer had 173,000 miles when I sold it, It had gone through 4 water pumps, timing chain broke at 110,000 miles, all new suspension at 130,000 miles and a complete electrical failure at around 150,000 miles. Spend a lot of jack on that car once warranty had expired, maybe around 10,000 bucks total (also at a third party shop). Good luck! Tex
  4. Well Witz04? Can you give us an update? I got the same problem with my 00 GS300. Identical scenario. Tex 2000 Cristal White GS300
  5. I am going to look into this Lexus Golden Opportunity thing, interested in the GS300, don't really know what kind of savings I can find. Regular GS300's in the North Texas area average at $45K. That's about the same for a 07 GS330, they advertise 300+ HP on these 330's Vs 290HP on the 430's (Strange, maybe I read wrong) All I want is to see if they will chop a good chunk of the 06 GS300. If you have recently purchased one on this "Golden Opportunity event" what were your real savings from MSRP? Thanks, Tex
  6. Anyone know how to set the timing for the auto-headlights? Mine stay for a long time, I like to get them to turn off after about 20 seconds. The dealership will do this for a small fee (45 bucks). Tex
  7. ArmyOfOne: Wonderful, I have heard about Jason, will definetly start using him. Good news about Non-Interference through 97, I guess the Service Reps are not as knowledgeable as one would think, it's a shame, there are so many other shops that can work on a variety of cars and know all like the back of their hand, yet Lexus can't keep up with their own in-house models. A special thanks to you and Wandawoods for keeping up with me! Tex
  8. Wanda, Good to hear from you once again, could you confirm, if it's not much to ask for, what 1UZFE means? I would guess it's the engine model? 4.0 V8? I guess it gets tougher to understand the more I seem to ask. I'm still where I was before. Some of us that are not that smart :chairshot: deeply rely in such expertise that we can find through the Lexus Owners Club site, however, there is sometimes conflicting information that I see between some (not all) discussions that may be applicable to my vehicle, and therefore I have to revert to the "go ask the Dealer" mode, and it stinks, since it's pricey. However, I service my car there for things that I don't understand or can't reach. Plus I go get a car wash once a week, so it is easy to mingle with the Reps at Lexus and ask these silly but legitimate questions. I understand that taking it to the dealership for service is the most expensive way, but sometimes you have to play it safe. To answer your question on the type "T" fluid (Not ATF type "T") which is the Approved Power Steering Fluid according to both Toyota and Lexus, no, it is not the same person, this was the parts dept. at Park Place Lexus in Grapevine TX. 1-888-354-7182 In respect to the Service Rep that told me the timing belt being critical due to interference, it was 2 of them, also with Park Place Lexus in Grapevine. Who do you suppose could probably confirm this info? Regards! Tex O'DeLuxe
  9. You are correct. as for the ES300: 1990-1991 ES250, Non interference 1992-94 ES300, Non interference, 95-up ES series, Interference. OK, I am very confused now, I have read through the Forums and have heard directly from Service Representatives at the dealership that beggining with the 1995 LS' the car had an interference engine, that if the timing belt broke, you are out of luck, bend valves and possibly whack the pistons goodbye. This thread does not seem to think the 95 is an interference engine. Could you confirm? Thanks, Tex
  10. No Clicking sound at all, looks like we'll spend some money for the heaters to work. Tex
  11. I swear that was just the... ...Pizza Delivery Gal The restaurant was too far away!, :whistles: I was hungry, did you get something to eat too?
  12. RFeldes, I can't remember if it was on or off, I'll check that tonight when I leave the office. Good Catch! Tex
  13. Thanks for the advice, I have no clue what Type "T" ATF is, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I got Power Steering Fluid at a Toyota Dealership, the Bottle does say: "Power Steering Fluid" According to Park Place Lexus in Grapevine, TX, the Parts manager told me to ask for Power Steering Fluid type T, since I couldn't go to the Lexus dealership due to being 25+ miles away I decided to go to a Toyota Dealership, where I can find many things for my Lexus'. Even the parts guy at Toyota rolled his eyes when I had to make the phone call over to Lexus to verify that what I was given was correct. Could Toyota and Lexus have their own jargon? Also, it stopped leaking! so the system did get rid of the excess, somehow, without blowing up hoses and fittings, etc. Maybe there is indeed some kind of relief valve on this car, cool.
  14. Bought it at a Toyota dealership, consulted with my Lexus Dealership (24 miles away from home) via phone and they told me type "t". Wife is always whining though, seems that some users experience this quite often too...
  15. Well, It does look like it dumped the excess, I hope that is the end of the leak I did also sucked some of the excess too, took it for a test drive and looks like there is no continuous leak, I guess we'll have to see if I broke something or not. :o I have Stomach hands! :o
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