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  1. I came here years ago looking for some answers to some performance problems my old Lexus was having, stopped coming after about a year of use, got curious the other day and decided to check out what had become of my old Lexus forum site and wow, everything looks great, like an entire new site, with a lot of my old friends from "back in the day" still kicking around on here.
  2. Thats not the way to get me up. thats the way to make sure I just go get back in bed.
  3. $719 less than the dealer. Best your going to get. Do it unless you are afraid he may not know what hes doing and its worth the much extra cash to let the dealer do it. You should be able to do the spark plugs, the wires, and clean the TB yourself.
  4. The struts will put up some resistance in addition to it being a sleightly heavy piece of metal. nothing to wory about.
  5. The cupholders are so small.
  6. Cleaning the throttle body would be worth looking into as well.
  7. Hope your cups are only an inch in diameter.
  8. Oh I know. Like I said I dont hate it If I had been the one to own it its entire life (impossible concidering how youg I was in 92) it would still be bulletproof because I would take care of it.. But sadly the ignorant morons who owned it before be didnt take care of it. That and, like you said, its just old.
  9. It wont be a noticable change. Actually acceleration from a dead stop is faster in Normal mode. from a roll though the ECT lets it hang on to gears longer for slightly better performance if your foot is realy in it.
  10. I traded in my 92 Lexus LS400 on a 2007 Pontiac G5. Looking for something that was more reliable, cheaper on parts, better on gas, so the g5 was what I was looking for. The Lexus had a lot wrong with it. the check engine light was on, the windows did not work, it was stalling, sputtering, dying out, the paint was faded, the brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced, the exaust was sounding worse and worse, the steering wheel would not move from a locked position that was difficult (all the way up) the motor that moved it down was broken, had trouble shifting, got about 15 mpg... The AC compressor had broken 3 times, the fuel pump had broken twice, I had to replace the harmonic balancer ($1,100 for that part alone) and the power steering pump, had to replace the mass airflow sensor, constantly had it in the shop, almost half the time I had it. All the wireing for the fuel pump had shorted, all of the leather interior was conpletly shot, cracked, riped totally through, the dash was cracked and faded, the shifter was cracked and worn out. I olny had it two years and constantly dumped money into it both in the shop and at the pump. Lexus is my favorite brand in general but the car was simply old and not taken care of at all by the morons that owned it before me. The G5 gets over 30 mpg, has a brand new black paint job and is still under warrenty so its a HUGE difference and I'm happy with it. Good to go back and forth to school with.
  11. You must have had on your "blonde woman that knows nothing-please charge me a hundred dollars to air up the tires" mask.
  12. The govornment does not claim that it is to get polluting cars off the road. It is to help the economy. not the enviroment.
  13. Sounds like youd enjoy having it droped. You coukd do that with 2k if your careful.
  14. I took my 1992 sc400 to Midas for a timing belt issue. They told me that my ecu was bad and couldn't get codes off it and the timing was fine. After i paid them 212 for a diag. I took the time and did my timing my self started right up. I did drove back to that Midas and cursed the manager out. Reinforcing the stereotype that Lexus-drivers are A$$holes.
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