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  1. I came here years ago looking for some answers to some performance problems my old Lexus was having, stopped coming after about a year of use, got curious the other day and decided to check out what had become of my old Lexus forum site and wow, everything looks great, like an entire new site, with a lot of my old friends from "back in the day" still kicking around on here.
  2. Thats not the way to get me up. thats the way to make sure I just go get back in bed.
  3. $719 less than the dealer. Best your going to get. Do it unless you are afraid he may not know what hes doing and its worth the much extra cash to let the dealer do it. You should be able to do the spark plugs, the wires, and clean the TB yourself.
  4. The struts will put up some resistance in addition to it being a sleightly heavy piece of metal. nothing to wory about.
  5. The cupholders are so small.
  6. Cleaning the throttle body would be worth looking into as well.
  7. Hope your cups are only an inch in diameter.
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