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  1. why shouldnt you turn on the engine while the OBD is connected to the car??
  2. Here you go! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LEXUS-BRAKE...sQ5fAccessories
  3. could be the transmitter from the key. I'd hate to say but take it to the dealer.
  4. Auto Zone only checks OBD II not OBD I. If you want OBD I check Ebay.com, you can get one for like $20-$60. Good Luck!
  5. Just go to your nearest Auto Zone store and they can check the Engine light for FREE!!!
  6. spent over $70 in bulbs?? hahahaha well here is a guy with some money!!! sorry couldnt help it.
  7. why would waste your hard earned money on a new radiator if your current one is not leaking??? Your problem is one of these ---- radiator fan switch, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, or water pump.... Good Luck!
  8. or get a GS400 and boy that V8 is fast...you will be smoking almost 60% of cars out there ...including that slow beemer..... And Again.... Horse Power sells..... Torque is what turns your wheels..... remember that.
  9. Just because its shifting hard doesn't mean you need a whole new transmission. It could be the transmission solenoid, could be a sensor. Take it to the shop and let them diagnose it.
  10. Please got to a professonal. Brakes would be the last thing you wanna mess with.....
  11. Have you ever done coolant system flush?? If not do that right away, and replace you thermostat. Check the water pump and make sure its working. look at the upper and lower radiator hoses and see if they are cracked, blowted etc.... Good Luck!
  12. did it help when you bought the OEM ABS SPEED SENSOR did the 3 lights go off The car has been totaled :o yes unfortunately, and that darn company is having hard time giving me refund, its amazing how they quickly take your money......
  13. umm lexus dealer.... aftermarket parts are not recommanded.... I might be parting out my 99 Lexus GS300 ... you could buy it from if you want. Good Luck
  14. well first of all find out the value of the car which you can go to www.kbb.com, then look around and see how much your car's is worth by looking at some other similar postings. However, I do think it be better if you sold the car as a whole rather then parting it out. But Lexus parts are hard to find and dealer prices are outrages....so either way you I dont think you'll be disappointed. Good Luck!
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