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  1. hey i need some advice on which type of HIDS i should put on my 97 sc 300

  2. all tune up essentials checked? try running a bottle of Techron Fuel cleaner through the system. stuff cured my car. 93' SC400 from put put poo to VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (big peel out)
  3. hey man the same thing happened in my sc4. the cig lighter was ca-put and the fuse was fine. turns out the plug unhooked itself from underneath the cig lighter itself! so you have to take out the cup holder, unscrew those screws, then with a philips head screw driver lift up the black shift plate, then unscrew the whole center console surrounding piece or atleast move it until you can see your lighter, and plug it back in. it sounds awful but trust me i did it in the parking lot at work with a buddy it took like maybe 10 minutes to fix it and have it all back to normal. ;)
  4. hey everyone i have a pretty good idea of engine components and stuff exhaust, intake, headlights, but i really am clueless about suspension mods. could someone please tell me like the basic components of a suspension and what exactly a "coilover" kit is... and i'm not asking about specific kits either just in general for a stock sc400 with stock rims what height of lowering would be okay without having rubbing issues and turning radius limitations. thank you all :)
  5. hmmm...very interesting i guess that can only mean the MAF is functioning properly. this confuses me plenty because those were the exact same symptoms my car sure you have done this already but have you considered the basic tune up procedures? hopefully its something small man. best of luck
  6. aw man that stinks...that sounds exactly what mom has had nothing but problems with people installing brakes on her camry...700 dollars later and we still get both ABS and BRAKE lights solidly on.... the only thing to do is take it back to them man and tell them whats going on...the worst they can do is look at it and dounble check their crappy installation
  7. Yes you can. However it has bad side effects. During all this time when i struggled with this problem, one time i forgot to plug the sensor back in...both the TRAC OFF light and CEL will stay on permanantly with it unplugged. and also you will probly smell gas like i did since it will run rich without it. this is a good way to test if its the MAF. because if the engine runs beautiful without the sensor plugged in, then thats what it is. even though it runs rich and stuff without it plugged in, it should RUN seamlessly...definetly don't drive it like that as a permanant fix but just as a pret
  8. Did you do the labor yourself? because to me that sounds like someone or some shop did not take their time while they did it and put it on crooked or too tight or just half-assed something...that stinks man i'd take it back to who ever did it and tell them to look it over <_<
  9. hahah yeah man i deliver in a navy blue sc400 with loud pipes as far as tips go, it goes both ways...some (RARE) people say i have really nice taste in cars and tip well based on that, and others see the L emblem and don't tip at all... :( "why should i tip you when you obviously have no need for money " they just see the car and assume im rich beyond what i know what to do with so it kinda far as the brakes go, those are long needed new rear pads thats all
  10. I guarentee you its the mass airflow car had the exact same issues. like issue for issue. no codes came on right away, but it was misfiring like you wouldn't i replaced the MAF and it was magic. Bad MAF = terrible fuel / air mixture so the engine just dumps WAY more fuel into the engine than it needs so it just misfires... my advice is was like magic to my car. Derek
  11. you really need a keen sense for this but definetly take it out for a test drive. when you start it up: does it feel labored when starting? does it feel like its inconvienienced to start? then the idle, does the car vibrate and shake when its idling? (engine mounts) does it idle smooth or choppy? if the exhaust is stock listen closely from the outside for any leaks...definetly search for rot under the sideskirts and UNDER THE TRUNK RUG..under the hood, and in the door jams. inside: the guages will most likely be burnt out or ready to be burnt out by flickering..its very typical. the LCD scr
  12. sorry the fluid didn't work out...and unfortunately i'm sorry to say but i don't know how to access those items or if they could be a problem :( goodluck though
  13. Hi everyone. As of now in my 93 SC400 i have converted the cornering lights into fog lights. they are hard wired to the parking lights. anyways, right now i had cheap little LED bulbs in there. My Problems with these: They are not nearly as bright as the old halogens The white is like almost a fake blueish so it looks crappy and cheesey next to the orange side markers. The are CHEAP and the parking lights inside the headlights looked ok, but those burnt out, and now the foglight mods are flickering which means they are on their way out... NOW.. i want so bad to put 8k HID foglights in the
  14. A cowboy drove them with stirrups that were very sharp...haha just kidding idk man maybe its just got something to do with the little nub that holds the factory rug in place...either that or just a strange coincedence
  15. try draining the tranny fluid and doing a complete flush of it. drain it out to the last drop and then add brand new fluid.
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