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  1. P21S,Clearkote,Prima,Wurth and much more!
  2. WD-40 works good.It good if you already have some at home. If not then get a dedicated bug and tar remover like Stoner bug tar remover. Stoner Bug and tar remover
  3. I used the PC 7424 and a swirl mark remover pad
  4. I found if I keep the backing plate about 3/4" away from the pad, it has just enough give to polish curved area, BUT still has enough support as to not rip the edges of the pad. Hope this helps
  5. Plexus or Meguiars Plastic polish are what I use. The secret is NOT to add more scratches so.....use a super soft touch with a quality micro fiber towel.
  6. A finishing paint polish will work. You can also try a detail spray. For the finishing polish try clearkotes moose glaze. This is a pretty common problem and they usually polish of pretty easy.
  7. VERY TRUE! Klasse All In One, Zaino,collinite 845 insulator wax works great,NXT past works so so,
  8. Did you leave the polish on until it dried? Polish is meant to be worked in and wiped off right away. The only product you would leave on would be a sealant or some waxes. It must have been a real pain int he you know what to remove the polish after it dried!! Next time you polish the paint, please wipe it off immediately! A detail spray will help in removing the dried polish. Sonus Quick detail spray
  9. Another option os the Sonus Hand Polish Bundle This contains Sonus SFX-1 Polish and Sonus SFX-3 finish polish, a Sonus SFX Pro applicator. Start by washing the scratched area and dry it. Then take the SFX-1 and apply a dime size dab to the yellow side of the applicator and polish the scratched area until you see the scratches disappear. Wipe the polish off and turn the applicator to the black side and apply a dime size dab of the SFX-3 polish and repeat the polishing of the area like before. Wipe the area and inspect. The scratch should be gone. Finish by applying wax or sealant to the
  10. There is a 20% discount going on now for the SFX pc kit.
  11. Here are a few pictures showing what the proper tools and products can achieve. The Porter Cable 7424 SFX and DAS pads. All three Sonus SFX polishes. This Black Durango was scratched on purpose to see how the SFX polishes work.(Yes its my Wifes Black Dodge Durango and NO she doesn't know I scratched it with a plastic pool brush she would KILL me :D ) I used the SFX Yellow pad with the SFX-1 Restore polish, the Green DAS pad with SFX-2 Enhance Polish and the Blue DAS pad with the SFX-3 final finish polish. Enjoy! These two pictures are from her Black Grand Prix she owned before the
  12. The PC has only 1-6 on the speed dial. Oscillations per minute.... No idea. I have found wonderful results by JUST using the PC with the correct pads and polishes. I also have a PC 7426 (True rotary), but use the PC 90 % of the time. Cleaning the pads are easy, just put some dawn dish liquid in the sink and let the pads soak for 20 minutes, rinse clean, dry and store in a plastic bag. As for the price being to high, the more people the bigger the discount. I am pretty sure we could get a 25% discount with 25 members. The PC at other places range from $99.00 (IF ON SALE) to $$225(meguiars)
  13. We have 5 people in the UK lexus forum wanting the PC with DAS pad kit. They have to pay aprox. $54.00 shipping plus a transformer to use the PC over the pond. I am sure some of you have been wanting to et the PC, This is the best way to achieve "The perfect shine"
  14. I like to use PlatX from Meguiars and a soft Micro fiber towel to safly polish plastic like the intrument panal. To keep it clean use Plexus and a soft micro fiber towel. I finf its easier to apply these products to the towel rather then applying it to the plastic(less mess) Meguiars PlastX Plexus Plastic Polish/cleaner Sonus Buffing towels
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