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  1. Thanks! We've updated the sale page with more pictures and a couple of on-track videos (taken in the last three weeks at Roebling road and CMP) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. We picked up a new track car (a BMW E36 M3) and are selling our 1987 BMW 325i E30 track car. This car is also being posted on BMW and SE track forums, just wanted to put it up here in the off chance one of the LOC members might be looking for an excellent starter track car. We've put over $20K in mods and maintenance into this car over the last two years since we bought it used and are selling for $7K firm. We will ship at buyers expense and arrangement (the car is in Charlotte North Carolina). It's perfect for drivers education events and is nearly ready for the Spec E30 wheel to wheel
  3. The post in the meet section provides better info than the site.:whistles: I live 20 minutes from Road Atlanta - turn 11 is a PIA, I will be there also. T To be honest, they're both written by the same person :) Its just more flexible posting in the forum. I'll have a big update out shortly on all the forums Tsquared, are you signed up? Need to do that if you haven't to make sure you're registered for the raffle! Hope to see you and others there three days SupraMan, if you're going and want to caravan dow
  4. Glad you made it out and enjoyed it! I didn't get a chance to check out your car, but I do remember them pulling your wife (although didn't know it at the time) out of the crowd for the drift demo... that's awesome! What did she think about it! I'm also going to put an official ' thank you' thread up on all the forums, if you went to Lexfest and had a good time, please reply as I'll be sharing the info with Lexus Corporate, Team Lexus, Quicksilver, PFS and our meet sponsors to let them know we appreciated their time and generousity.
  5. Sorry for the slow reply sha, only now saw this post! You'll miss some of the coolest stuff, but Sunday is shaping up to be pretty unique as well. We have it detailed on the timed schedule' page and I've pasted it in below. We'd love to have as many folks as possible in the Lexus caravan up to Quicksilver for the rolling portion of the meet video! Chuck Goldsboro, Team Lexus' lead driver will be personally leading the drive up to Quicksilver. The dynos will be FREE! We need to get more GS owners to the meet, the IS guys are nearly double our numbers... so far we have 128 participants
  6. I update the thread in the meets forum with the latest info or keep checking the lexfest website (click on the tabs at the top for details).... we've recently updated the lodging tab and the sponsor and prizes tab and of course the signed up participants list keeps growing!! We've got 9 LS's signed up so far amid a sea of IS and GS models. More very exciting annoucements coming tonight about the meet. Click here to register Get your hotel rooms before our block is gone!!!
  7. Pretty significant change... the stock LS has a very special ride quality and that's gone now. It's perfectly acceptible and driveable but as my GF says "it rides like a 'normal car' now"... Please sign up on the lexfest site so we can get an accuracte count! Hope you can be there!!
  8. Lol, Neo knows. my GS my girlfriend's P-car
  9. I'm out of town this week, but my GF is home and my detail guy came by for a quick scheduled wash of the cars. Looks a little better with a shine :) Not bad for a car that 'lives' outdoors 12 months a year. Oh, and we now have THREE LS400 owners coming to Lexfest in about a month. Where are the rest of you east coast guys ;)
  10. Thanks raz, since your engine is a bit different than mine (different engine bay design, also its not a VVT-I motor) I'm not aware of any. I do know that David over at Lextreme has done a couple of custom LS400 turbo setups, and I'd recommend you check out the forums at for more info... a very good resource for Lexus / Toyota FI (turbo, supercharger) v8 info. Neo, I'm sure there is a direct flight to BWI B)
  11. Patsfan, You should consider driving down to Baltimore for the Lexfest meet and check it out yourself (and a couple hundred other Lexus)! Your drive down from Boston is almost exactly the same as mine up from Charlotte :) I've had the Bilstein PSS coilovers on for about two years now, for detailed impressions (short and long term) writeup click here. I paid about $850 at for them at the time. I'd pass on the same unit I have and go for the current Eclipse 5xxx models... the one I have has a low voltage out that causes a little noise from time to time. It's truly a JDM piece wi
  12. I didn't do a whole lot of research on the size - I simply went with the OEM tire size Lexus used on the wheel.... figured they had already looked into which would work best on the wheel. I did a lot of comparison shopping on tire rack before selecting the Pirelli. I would have prefered the PS/2 but it was $50 more per tire with almost exactly the same rating. There was some brand X tire that also had similar ratings for $50 less than the Pirelli, but I've got to believe that the R&D from a big tire company counts for something.
  13. Thanks for all the kind comments :)! Oh you definitely need to come f you're in MD! Trust me there are LOTS of other stock Lexus coming to this meet just to be able to check out the hooked up ones. So far I think I've got the only LS signed up, would love to have another to park with!!! Get a pic of your car and sign up !!! Oh you're gonna hate me for this. Carson Toyota had a l-sportline blowout group buy on another forum and I got the entire kit for $199. The exhaust I think was $169 and the suspension was $199. Got the wheels from a place in LA that chromes th
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments :). I'd guess in total I've got 40K+ in my GS... that includes several iterations of several items as I've owned the car since 1999 (CPO 1 year old 1998 model). I bought the car with 16" OEM wheels, no spoiler and a tan pinstripe. Started with stock stuff removing the pinstripe, 17" OEM wheels, added a spoiler. Then did L-tuned kit, TTE lip, but then did a totally different kit etc etc.... 18" wheels now 19" wheels, Supra TT brakes then the Brembo 355MM setup. You can see a lot of the iterations of the car here in my personal gallery http://www.somn
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