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  1. my cars battery has been draining if i let the car sit for a day or two and its now annoying the hell out of me. so im looking at things that might be causing this. i know the cd changer took a krap on me and it may be the problem. i get no response when trying to eject the cartridge, and i dont get any response when i press the cd button on the head unit. so im thinking the changer is running and draining the battery. so how can i cut off power to the changer or remove it. i know removal will be a serious PITA so if i can simply cut off the changer or its power that would work. PLEASE AND
  2. yea i thought about going through lexus dealership but i thought they might try to scalp me. ahh kk will do that too!
  3. so here's a list of parts timing belt water pump + o rings spark plugs spark plug wires distributor rotor distributor cap antifreeze is there anything else? i can find the cam and crank seals or know what those look like. so if someone could lead me to an online parts site that is pretty reason id appreciate it.
  4. hmm cam and crank seals? any pics as to what you are talking about?
  5. well i want to make sure because if its a non interference issue then by goofing the install i should still be ok, compared to a interference engine where if a belt goes you have lifters, pistons and all sorts of stuff exploding. ill post pics of everything as im tearing it apart and a few pics of the belts and alignment so i can get the OK before turning the car on.
  6. thanks a ton is this the motor that will be alright if the timing belt goes bad? or is this the motor where im screwed if it goes bad. i think its called a non interference engine? something along that line.
  7. wow congrats blake, i have not posted on here for almost 2 years and i come back to this!!! congrats though! PS-would you mind sharing with me how much you sold your LS for? im thinking about selling mine soon as i change the timing belt.
  8. i plan on changing the timing belt on my 96 LS400 and would like a DIY for the procedure, if you guys have anything else you advise me to change while in there, then i would appreciate the input. thanks! PS-i found this DIY but its for the generation before my LS400.
  9. bump? nobody? can someone recommend a sub that will fit then?
  10. i had replaced my sub about a year ago and now wanting to put my stock sub back in. i wasnt very careful when removing the old sub, and ended up tearing it up. does anyone have one laying around i can take off their hands?
  11. hey guys i havnt been on here for a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time, hows everything going? im finally selling my lexus after 2.5 years of ownership. how much do you think is fair? it is a 1996 ls400 with 121k on the clock. the steering wheel doesnt go up and down sometimes and theres a shimmy when braking. other then taht its pretty solid. here is the craigslist ad i have posted. what do you guys think? how much should i aim for? thank you -Raza
  12. yah real easy i did it on my 540i and it took me maybe 2 minutes.....honestly it took me longer to go to home depot to get the torx wrench then it did to swap the belts.
  13. yah i have some in the garage its pretty good when it comes to waxing. it slides off real easily and leaves no residue but doesnt last very long and attracts alot of dust
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