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  1. JPI is policy is to replace brake parts under warranty...however 99 is no long under warranty....and NO your rotors shouldn't warp again after turning..the only reason this would happen is if the tech took off too much material or if you are made to make an extremely sudden stop like Lexo had too. most people after having thier rotors simply turned go 40-60K before they need it done own dad's LS400 '96 has just had the rear rotors replaced this week after 189K the fronts were finally replace after 175K a few months ago...this car is mostly highway driven though....b
  2. well my year end goal (04 not 03) is 350rwhp through my stock auto trans...later down the road i'll reinforce that and go for 640rwhp....but i think anything more than that and my car will be incapable of being a sleeper anymore (keeping my car looking stock at a stoplight is my ultimate goal)....besides how much power do you really need on a daily driver..right??? ;) ....btw speaking of starting small...anyone know a really good sounding exhaust that won't be restrictive once i throw all this power on it? Oh. and a question for down the there such a thing as an aftermarket head for
  3. Thanks guys...when i get some cash (some time maybe next century, maybe :( ) i'll make sure to look into turbo charging it....however i want to ask a personal opinion of you guys....single or twin? i'm told that if i put twin on my engine i'll likely blow the bottom end out when i bottle feed this true? I've heard round the campfire that you can put roughly a grand of rwhp under the hood of these things with the stock bottom end....dunno if it's true...(and i call myself a toyota guy :chairshot: )....well hey thanks ahead of time for any answers you can give me. I really do apprecia
  4. try replacing the batteries anyway...if they are the originals they are due to be replaced just the same.
  5. have your mechanic check the front control arms on your vehicle....there is a rubber bushing on those vehicles that wears out...if this is the case it will usually cause a loud thump going over bumps..but not is possible that one of these has worn out on your car.
  6. the camry i believe is still using a 4 spd trans where the ES is using a 5 spd....other than that it is just a dressed up camry. but it will hold it's value better too.
  7. ok here is the pros and cons..and some alternatives you'll want to look at SC430 PROS quick as lighting lets you forget its a car best sound system on the market excelent fuel econ fairly good looks CONS one round of tires will cost an avg of $1600! you need two sets of tires one for summer one for winter..there is not way around this unless it's only a summer driver. the tires only last 15000 miles if you are lucky...the avg i see is about 10,000 the tires chop severely about halfway through there life..making a very loud groan while going down the road. EVERYTHING on this car i
  8. actually the order is Toyota->Lexus->Scion but yeah it's all the same stuff....hey if i were you i'd just take the thing to autozone or the dealer..they will both read that code for free. btw what did you mean by you "cleaned out your exhaust" i've never heard of that. the most common problem we see on those cars are the O2 sensors going out...don't skimp on this it from the dealer...they charge you out the nose but it is important that it gives the computer an accurate reading...if not your engine could go lean (less fuel than usual) and literally cook itself. you should
  9. DANG THAT'S A LOT OF INFO..whew thanks guy...well i think i'm gonna start learning turbos...and some computer tuning it sounds...hey as far as the superchager for a 1uz i've seen it done with a centrifugal supercharger like they put on the rouche mustangs..(i don't know if that car was ever exported but if you are from the states you should know what that is)...either way the smaller supercharger can be front mounted i believe above the power steering pump somewhere....the one i saw run just simply screemed down the track too....turbocharging that engine is basically never pu
  10. i have never used a topsider but i can't think of any reason why you wouldn't other than you have to get under the car anyway to change the filter.
  11. without knowing which model of GS you have i cannot give you an accurate amount over... however i can tell you that the GS300 takes only 1 1/2 qts when just draining and filling the transmission. and i believe the GS400 is 2 1/2qts but i'd start with 2 and go from there as i'm not 100% sure. as for the 430 i have no idea as they are extremely rare where i am sorry..i would still assume to start with 2qts and go from there. i do have one question for you you have the engine running when you check your fluid? you are suposed to with the transmission...i have no idea if you knew
  12. just that hose....that's a common leak for those vehicles
  13. here is a list of fluid specs you should know engine oil.. type: 5w-30 - 10w-30 Semi-synthetic depending on engine wear (mine has 189K on it and just started with 10w-30 about 6mo. ago) Capacities.. gen I: 5.9qts (90-94) Gen II: 5.9qts (95-97) Gen III: 6.2qts (98-00) Gen IV: 6.2qts (01-03) Gen V: 6.2qts (04- current) btw you only need to take the two back bolts on the driver side loose to access the oil filter. trans.. i unfortunately will have to ad details to this later as i am not 100% sure of the capacities...for now i will say that for a standard drain and fill start with 2 qts
  14. well i'm sorry it didn't work out for you man...but i'm glad to know now.... thanks for the info!
  15. go buy yourself a can of PB rust penetrant known to joke eat that stuff off in 2 mins flat!....i use it daily at work.
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