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  1. jbar/turbo, thx ! yea car running 45 minutes shifted gears fr park to low and back ! left it running level ground- 1 1/2" over hot line after running 45 minutes and doing above. drained 2 qts and i measured two qts. stick was then in cool area on stick after 45 min running - see below . problem is unable to get a proper reading ! 1- 1 1/2" over hot after 45 min runn/level/switch gears 2- when cold 2' over hot 3- drained 2 qts (meas. out ) 4- when cold shows at hot full line 5- when running 45 min/level/switch gears- it is in cool level Can draining two quarts amount to 4 or 5 inches or more on the dipstick ?? thx guys-
  2. turbogs, thx for responding - ok so the fluid is droping back into the pan - ok thx wonder why the manual says it should be lower -stupid one big question you believe that 1 1/2 inches on the stick represents 1 1/2 qts??? thx
  3. Guys one more question . On the dipstick what would 1 1/2 " equal to quarts ? Thx
  4. I Have something really weird and i need your help ! 1993 gs 300 w 67k . When i check the tranny fluid cold it is 1 1/2 over the full hot mark ! when i run the car for one hour it shows less on the stick. I thought warm fluid expands ! Any ideas what the problem could be ? And why cold would it be so high ? thx for your help ! great site !
  5. guys, explain this one! 1993 gs300 cold i'm about 1 1/2 above full hot line- car running about 15 minutes level ground fluid in the o.k. hot zone- how the hell when cold the level is alot higher then when hot- and i checked numerous times when warm fluid expands- makes no sense- i'm using t-1V !!
  6. lex, yea it is a 1993 gs 300 so you think that a drain/fill is 1 1/2 qts. maybe that's why - i have no time and i had a mechanic do it for me and he did a drain/fill and added 4 qts! idiot! lex another question - if you do a trany flush car has 66,000k never had fluid changed before but filter was changed when he did drain/fill do you have to change the filter again?? let me know what you think !
  7. gserep1, thx- yea it's a 1993 gs 300 -but if you look at my earlier post in this thread- i replaced the screen/filter before i did a flush - would i need to change it or clean it ? i have no ramps(or time) so i would have to get somebody to do it! do you think it's necessary or does the flush also clean off the screen/filter? thx
  8. jpi, thx for responding- i thought that any crud that might have been removed i'm sure they used a clear flush treatment - might clog up the filter ! what do you think!
  9. guys help me out- do i need to replace the filter- after the mechanic repl the filter and did a drain/fill i felt that i needed to do a flush but did not replace the filter again is it true that the filter gets flush also and does not need to be replaced or should i replace again ! let me know i need your help!
  10. twin turbo, thx for responding- it is for the tranny stick ! will it still be 6 to 7 qts over. If so i will kill somebody !
  11. do you guys recommend a filter change when doing a tranny flush ? the filter was change previously about two weeks before. the mechanic just drained and filled and change the filter and then i decided to have someone else do a tranny flush( he does not have the machine). is it true that the filter could get clogged and caise a problem. Pls let me know!
  12. if you are 1 1/2 '' above the full line what would that amount to as far as quarts? need info ! thx !
  13. guys, thx for responding if anybody else has a view pls let me know because this is my first toyota product and i want to do the right thing! btw he used - citgo transguard ATF dextron -III- let me know what you think - thx again
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