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  1. Price does seem a little too good to be true, however have it checked out. When was the last service, what is due now? What about brakes / rotors? AC filter changed last etc. How is the rubber, alignment shocks etc. The line I use is " I have learned over time that if a deal sounds to good to be true, it ususally is." Can you honestly tell me the reason why you are selling this car at such a good value?" Watch his eyes, hands, body lanugage and if he squirms or seems like he is not telling the truth, pass on it.
  2. Lexus motor is very strong and if maintained regularly is good for alot more. I have a buddy with an LS400 with 150K and still going strong. caveat emptor
  3. Thanks to everyone's posts, all very good advice. Since the problem is more annoying than anything else, and only at certain braking speeds, I think I will live with it until its time to replace pads . Now, if Santa will only deliver thos 18" chromes and a window tint gift certificate.... Happy Holidaze to all! Speed safely!
  4. I just got 30 mpg on a mixed city /hwy roadtrip.
  5. I just bought a 99 GS400 in what appears to be perfect shape. I just noticed that sudden braking from 60-50 generates steering wheel vibration and I feel it in the brakes. When I brought the car to the dealer for its 30K service he said the rotors are probably warped since there are no other indications that is the alignment or unbalanced wheels. This doesn't happen at any other speed , weird. Is there a doctor in the house? Has anyone experieced this or have any idea of what may be causing this? Please reply or email off list
  6. Kandy, you got pics, just got a 99 GS 400 myself. Where can I see the upgrades you mentioned?
  7. Speedy, I am interested in those chromes, email off list
  8. Hello, new member, own a RX300 and just found your site, but planning on buying a 1999 GS400 over the weekend. I am a sales guy and drive quite a bit, but I can't find anywhere estimated hwy/city mileage. Can anyone advise please and asap?
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