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  1. Check that you didn't accidentally depress the Childproof Option button.
  2. The photos were taken in Middle Island, Long Island, NY Alan, Where is Middle island? I thought you were from Bklyn. BTW, great looking car.
  3. Congrats from one Brooklyn boy to another. Glad to hear that lexus seems to have solved the tranny problem. What did they do: revamp the drive by wire mechanism?
  4. Any word that the 2007 would have a hybrid version, like the Camry? Any rumblings that down the line, they'll do an AWD version?
  5. Toysrme, There are several ways for you to communicate the important information you impart, but insulting others in a condescending manner is not what we've come to expect on this site. I'd like to hear something from those good people who monitor our site.
  6. Lexusfreak, I'm bringing it to Don Valley on Monday. Andy Lam is the mechanic who used to work at Downtown Toyota and came highly recommended. When he called me back, I read him the diagnosos, and when I came to L/F shock noise over bump, he said that's probably the tower(not sure of his English, or my hearing) which is not warrantable. So, I'll have them do all warranty activity but to give an estimate for non-warrantable work. I may get back to you for the name of your mechanic for this work. I'm still surprised at how much has gone wrong with a car with so few miles. I would like to hea
  7. My '2000 has 72,000 kms (approximately 43,000 miles) and 6 year warranty is over on Oct 22, '05. (The car was bought as previously used with 23,000 kilometers at same dealer who sold and serviced it.) This week I took it to local Toyota dealer to have 55 point checkup deliberately to determine problems and warrantable items. This is what came back: Transmission oil pan gasket leak Engine rocker gasket leak in front Both rear sway bar bushings Steering wheel shaft boot and seal noisy L/F shock noise over bump Car pulling to right with some differential tire wear (just had wheels checked
  8. Since dealerships now make most of their profits from service, there's no surprise that a Lexus dealer would tell you not to go to Toyota dealer. There's nothing wrong with going to Toyota except they may not be able to be reimbursed by Lexus for warranty work. Perhaps if there's no Lexus dealer in the area, Lexus may relax their rules. I go to Toyota for everything but warranty work. There are several mechanics there who know how to work on them. Enjoy this line: the service manager has a 300ES and they work on his car.... :D
  9. SW03ES, Do have any reason to believe that the "06 ES will rectify the drive by wire problem that seems to cause such grief? If so, and they have a solution, it's too bad they didn't have possibilities for making adaptations to earlier models.
  10. It's not just a question about where the car is manufactured. Lexus is now making the RX330 in Cambridge, Ontario and the training and rigour that goes into it to produce the quality (refinement) is far greater than what they do for producing Toyota's in the same plant.
  11. It's a question of refinement. If they don't understand that concept, let them stay with the Camry.
  12. I lust after the RX330 and even more so, the RXH400. However, it's difficult to respnd to the survey because I don't know if it happens on the Canadian models. Previously, I had posted a question about why none of the problems with trannies doesn't seem to occur with Canadian members of our group. Somebody responded because of the different emissions requirements. A Toyota mechanic said he's seen it in his shop- he says it's the drive by wire change that brought this about. Anybody else have any ideas if in fact there's a difference between Canadian and other cars, and if so, why? Thanks.
  13. I had similar problems with my used 2000. I disconnected the battery for a short while so that the computer setting for transmission reverted to factoty setting. If you have the intelligent tranny, it may have morphed to driving habits of previous driver(s). It worked wonders for me.
  14. I have a 2000 with the same problem- the passenger side cupholder had the spring break and I can't get it back on. I posted on this site some time ago without any response except that Lexus' cupholders suck. So I hope you have better luck. Still haven't replaced it although it's probably still under the Lexus Gold card 6 year warranty. I inquired and apparently that flimsy part is expensive.I never have the car serviced at Lexus unless it's warranty work and I'm saving some things for a trip to expensive Lexus dealer. I use a closer Toyota dealer for service.
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