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  1. Ditto on all the above. Especially the Black Color. I have a Black Shapphire Pearl (blue/black) and I consider myself lucky it's not black and I am happy I put the clear bra on day one. All Lexus paint is soft and I hear that Black is the worst to maintain. The worse bunch of scratches I got on the car was on a hand wash at the dealer! If you must go to a car wash - must be touch free. Don't let anyone touch your car. A regular brush car wash on a dirty black lexus will destroy the finish.
  2. Check the area between the dashboard above the tach and the plastic right above the tach. Do this by squeezing that area between your thumb and forefinger. There are two small screws that attach the plastic below to the dash above (press together at those points) - every IS I have ever driven has a small squeek from that area. If it is that, dealer needs to put felt tape in that area.
  3. I understand your pain. Drive it for a few years and trade it in for a 350 AWD. By the way the commercial is a 350 Rear Wheel Drive F Sport Version. How do I know? The color shown is not available on the AWD model (unfortunately since Sonic Blue is now my favorite color) and the AWD sits "higher" (that's what I meant to say) (the space between the tire and the wheel well is about 1 to 2" higher) so the car look alot nicer especially with the 18" wheels on Rear wheel drive models.
  4. Big fan of my IS, I am in it 4 - 5 hours a day. BUT the lumbar support in the seats are crap. I resisted doing anything about it, until my back got worse and worse. Go this from relax the back store: Problem is solved.
  5. took hours of driving around... then it went out...drove the the dealer..they say 100% was the bulb
  6. Been other threads on this but no resolution addressed. HID light goes out occasionally, but of course not at dealership. Has anyone resolved this... seems like a few people have the did it get resolved? Bulb, Ballast, both?
  7. I have an 07. Although the campaign was for earlier models, dealers will replace the pads because there has been no change in the manufacturing of the car. I can tell you that I got my pads replaced with " non-squeak" pads at 20K, and continued to live with the dust, When I got new pads at about 60K, I opted for the low dust pads. I see no difference in performance, no squeaking and my wheels stay pretty much dust free for about 300 or more miles compared to 50 before. I used to clean the wheels literally every other day since I drive 500 miles a week and it was a pain. By an large all the issues on the earlier models, except for perhaps some safety issues like fuel rail replacement, remain in the new vehicles.
  8. First, don't panic. Secondly if you have a good dealer it will not be a problem. I have found that even after my warranty was up if something was rattling around or buzzing they would fix it at no charge. I have had my IS for 3 years and there is always some noise we were chasing down. But regarding your noise. It is in EVERY Lexus IS I have ever driven SAME SPOT (I get a lot of new loaners) If you squeeze between you thumb and forefinger in the spot you are talking about it makes a squeaking foam noise. When I got into an 2010 the other day that was the first thing I did to see if they fixed the issue and it still is being manufactured in the same manner. They need to take the Dash apart and put some felt tape in there. What I did was pin point the noise and mark the spots with blue painter tape (doesn't leave any residue). the tech was like... thanks you just made my job easier... Also while the dash is out have them install the "noise kit" (basically clips and foam tape, they know what it is), which will help control the noise that you will soon be getting from the center stack!
  9. Yeah! Finally. I assume though that the IS 350 AWD model will sit up a bit higher like the 250 AWD and to get the nicer look (between rubber and wheel well) you need to use the F Sport Springs?
  10. Bring the car in with an Empty Tank. According to my dealer at least, LEXUS is going to fill the tank with Premium, on the house...
  11. They stopped making the IS300 in 2005 in the US. So maybe the 2007 IS250 is named IS300 in Dubai? Nevertheless, in the U.S. as far as I know you can't get the bluetooth option without the NAV, I have the 2007 IS 250 with NAV
  12. My Is has the fin, but another car I had had the windshield box (Which I think looks like an aftermarket band aid approach. But signal loss I find can happen with either system particularly in heavily wooded and mountain terrain.
  13. Careful driving on that tire. You can get the tire for US$149 from And they will ship to a shop for you to get it mounted.
  14. They replaced one of my tires with Bridgestone, and I asked if it was a problem, they said no...then the next time I had a tire problem they said I couldn't mix tire brands. So I was like.. hey you guys mixed the tire brands the last time. A that point, I had one tire with 58K which needed to be replaced (original tire!) and one with 38K, one with 30K and the new Bridgestone with 8K. I knew you shouldn't mix mileage left and right, and brands left and right... I was like guy...s this is a mess, and you had replaced each tire as I needed. So the Lexus dealer replaced all tires with new Dunlops for $149 (incl. mount, balance and alignment), I considered that a deal.
  15. Same thing happened to me in the States. I-90 in Boston. Wrote letter and attached receipt. Got a letter back that they were not liable for damage to my tire from potholes. I was just glad I didn't bend the rim...
  16. Worcester, MA to Boston, MA, (100 miles round trip): 600 times in 2 years. Oh my back...
  17. I have found complaining to LEXUS Corporate is a total waste of time and energy, and any energy used in saying that you have a long future left in buying cars will fall on deaf ears. The best way to get what you need is to build a relationship with the Service Manager and Reps at a reliable Lexus Dealer. I have done that and way too many times they have foot the bill on Good Will stuff for me. Like, replaced rubber matts 3 times, replace with new rim because of bubbled rim, replaced all tires with new at the same cost as getting them at and not charging for mount, balance and alignment... just to name a few things. I am honestly at a crossroads shortly. I give the car a 'B" and service and "A+". So much so that I may have to buy another Lexus because I can't deal with crappy service with other dealers/makes. Oh the best yet. My wife's brand new MDX (4,000 miles) had a tire sensor go off (by the way on Acura the sensor tells which tire is a problem and what the pressure is) I called Acura and they totally blew me off - can't fit you in they said..., I drove the Acura to my LEXUS dealer, they were busy as all heck and said "no problem". They found a screw in the tire, fixed it, washed it and then wouldn't take any money for the fix! Now that's taking care of a valued customer!
  18. I have seen others on this forum talking about 20" wheels, may require some mods to the wheel wells because of rubbing.
  19. If you want to invest more in the car buy the extended warranty. I would even wait on the extended warranty and shop it around, you have until the original warranty runs out. I think I bought mine at 49500 miles I shopped it on the internet (you can find links to places on this Lexus website) and got a price of $1050 for 7 years/100K. Asked my dealer and they wanted $1700. I asked them to match and they did. There is a huge huge markup on extended warranties, I didn't think it hurt that this dealer knows that I will service it at their dealership. I would say the absolute thing to get immediately is the clear bra before the car meets the road. They wanted $700 at the dealership and I got them to $550. I just didn't want to drive it out of the dealership and risk any paint chip or crap getting on the paint that might screw up the application.
  20. My IS has 65K. I am assuming that I am going to need a brake job soon. I had the pads replaced at 27,000 for the TSB, but nothing since. Has anyone had one and has an estimated cost?
  21. That "recall" notice was ridiculous. May mats are hooked and not going anywhere near the accelerator. I am starting to believe the issue may actually have to do with the push button start and the trottle. Practice emergency stopping procedures!
  22. Don't get the looks of clocks in most cars. On the Caddy and the Infinity the clocks are analog and look incredibly cheesy. In fact that is the only thing I remember about the G35 is the crappy looking clock. What gives? Probably the same reason no one has a hard dock for an Ipod or for a cell phone (cradle could be interchangable for different phone models). But luckily the IS has a cigarette lighter! Cough Cough Cough... Lord help someone attempting to light up in my IS... Oh I forgot.. the GX comes with a TAPE DECK! My 7 year old doesn't even know what a tape is....
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