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  1. Dealer has called me to tell me the car will be done today, I can pick it up after I get off work. So that was Friday through today they kept it, but also had to order the parts. I got another IS250 as a loaner, but it has XM and mine doesn't, lol!
  2. Ha! Reading all the VSC issues in the post down below. My car is a 2009. I've had a 2006, 2007 and 2009 car. All of them have the shuddering issue. My traction control light turned on as well as the check engine light.
  3. Took my car in this morning when the check engine light turned on. Was told it was a misfire, and the dealer wanted more time with the car to drive and test it out. I've complained about the general shuttering I get once in a while at a stop light, where the car feels like it's about to die but doesn't. Yesterday afternoon, I went to move my car into the garage. It was cold from sitting all day. It shuttered a bit, revved at 1,500 rpm. I just drove it in and parked it. This morning, did the same thing, only this time the check engine light came on. Just got a phone call from the deale
  4. Has anyone figured out how to stop the doors from automatically swinging back on you as you try to open them? I've had three IS's, and on all of them, the doors don't like to stay open. It's seriously driving me bonkers!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the replies! I have my cell phone that I can go online with, but I'd prefer a much bigger screen than my Blackberry offers..... maybe I'll look into that hotspot they offer and see just exactly how much more that is per month.......
  6. Anybody put aftermarket WiFi in one of their Lexus cars? If so, do you like it? Anybody know if Lexus is considering putting WiFi in their cars in the future?
  7. I was getting 32 mpg, and then I took the car in for rear brakes and new tires, and put in synthetic oil, and all I get is 28 mpg if I'm lucky. I'm coming up on 60k miles now. Any thoughts as to why the mileage would go down? Even after another oil change back to whatever the dealer puts in (I don't think it's synthetic), it's still lower mpgs.......
  8. Isn't that what that little shark fin on the rear top of the car is for, the antenna? They run the wires to it? I thought the wires would already be there if that antenna was there...... In the alternative, would you happen to know how to get an iPod Shuffle to play in the car? I don't have a USB port, but I notice there's another input jack in the middle console. Do I need some sort of cable for it, or is there also an installation process for this? Thanks for all your info, I really appreciate it!
  9. The dealer wants $1,000 to install what I need for the satellite radio. Is there anything out there aftermarket that doesn't require as much money and is the same thing? Trina
  10. I searched a bit to find what I was looking for on this site, but there's just so much to look through. All I want to know is: Has anyone installed aftermarket XM or Sirius radio in their IS250? If so, how much did it cost???? Thanks!
  11. Holy cow! I thought I was happy with my general 29 mpg overall! I've had up to 35 on longer trips. I notice as my car gets more miles that the gas mileage is going up!
  12. So why isn't Lexus on the recall list? That Lexus ES had the issue in San Diego last year that killed four ppl.....
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