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  1. Wow you're awesome!! Those are wierd looking, where did you get your new ones? What type of bulb? They look like standard wedge type 12v 161 bulbs. But do they come out of the black plastic? I asked my service advisor how much they would charge because I was unsure if anyone knew how to do it, and there is no way I would pay this much....... "Hello Mr. Tweedel. I was told that we have to remove the display and disassemble everything to see what light bulbs need to be replaced. the labor is about $195.00, there are 2 differente bulbs that could be replaced. one is about $12.17 and the other one is $2.93. Once we know how many need to be replaced, we can give you the correct estimate. that could take about 2 hours. If you have any questions please feel free to call me and email me. I am off this weekend but I will be here monday at 8:00 am. thank you and have a good weekend." I sent a reply saying that I can do it myself if he would just tell me the type of bulbs so I can come buy them.
  2. Some of the bulbs on my HVAC controls have not worked for some time and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of bulbs to get and how they can be changed. I am able to remove the entire panel as I had to when I put in my navigation system. But that is about it. The buttons for A/C, MODE, REAR, Windshield and mirror defrost are all out. Though the status light for A/C and Rear A/C light up, the letters do not.
  3. I think it's a blown fuse. The fuse box in the engine compartment. 20A(HEAD RH-UPR)....which is for the daytime running light system.
  4. Until you can get better tires. Keep it in "snow" mode at least.
  5. I have a new suggestion. One or both of your front calipers are sticking and need to be replaced.
  6. Come to find out after years of dealing with the shimmy in the wheel.....the.....problem.....was....a......slightly frozen caliper than would not release from the rotor all the way. Not only making the wheel shimmy no matter what, but ruining many a pads and rotors. Uhg. But now it's totally fixed and the steering and brakes have never been better!! Why it took 2 dealers and about 8 different trips to figure it out I don't know.
  7. They might look neat for a while if you install them correctly. But then I would try to take good care of them and hope you have a garage or covered parking. Those are plastic and we know how the plastic headlights will fade and get really nasty over time from sun exposure. Unless you wash and wax them weekly. The 98-07 LX are all glass headlights so they will stay looking new forever.
  8. Those clamps you are talking about automatically deploy from under the 3rd row seats after you clamp the seats in their first position hooks on the floor closest to the windows. So then when you push them down the metal clamps will deploy and lock into place on the floor and then all you have to do is raise the seatback. I hope this will help and is what you were talking about.
  9. Yikes. I am having a problem with just the number 2 slot not loading a disc in my 09 IS350. It will keep ejecting it a few times and then skip it and move on to the next available slot. I am hoping they will replace mine under warranty as mine is a 2009 and as someone said their dealer did for them. But yeah I have had ongoing glitches like this will all my Lexus autos with a CD changer. I do have to say that the one in my 98 LX470 was the most reliable. Never had any problems with it after 13 years. But now have an aftermarket in dash navigation. Your problem seems to be a bit more severe I and would hope the dealer and Lexus would as least go half way with you. It really should not crap out after only 4 or 5 years when the one in my LX lasted over 13 years.
  10. It's normal. Both the 250 and 350 IS line have a tick at idle. This usually can only be heard exterior the car.
  11. I think you mean the AFS light is flashing right? For the adaptive front lighting system. There are 2 sensors in the rear of the car that let the headlights know where to position when the car is started. One or both may be out. So the problem may not even be in the front of the car.
  12. I've had quite a few ES's for loaners while my IS or LX were being worked on. And yes the brake pedal feels mushier and requires more pressure to get the same results than my other Lexus models. This seems to be normal for the ES and not a defect.
  13. My 09 IS350 had condensation in one of the fog lights. Which they replaced with no problems for free under warranty. I assume they would have done the same for the headlight but not sure. Sorry to hear of your problems with both headlights with damage.
  14. If you want the color to match, replace both at the same time. Closest to OEM would be the Philips 4300k.
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