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  1. What do you guys suggest I use to keep my tires shiney and new looking? I have been using an Armor All product called "Extreme Tire Shine Gel." It works well, goes on easier than sprays, but doesn't last long, maybe a week or two. I finished the bottle this evening and am wondering if there is something better. Thanks.
  2. What's the best way to protect the finish on my black IS350? The dealer told me never to wax the clearcoat (he claims it doesn't need it) but to use a spray product by Meguiers called "Ultimate Quick Detailer." I looked at the bottle and it is to be used BETWEEN waxings. Also, anybody know about something called an "acrylic paint conditioner?" This is my first "high-end" car (as opposed to the wife's Chrysler and my previous Jeeps and Mazdas) and first black car, and I'd really like to keep it looking "high-end." In the old days, old guys like me would put on 3 coats of Meguiers and
  3. What's the best way to maintain the black finish on my new IS350? I've been doing a little research and found some articles about clearcoat finishes. They claim that clearcoats do not need any wax. No wax? I don't know about that. Then there is something called an "acrylic paint conditioner" that is supposed to be used instead of wax. Another site claims "polymers" are the way to go. Geez! When did waxing become so technical and complicated? In the old days I used to put on 3 coats of Meguiers and be done with it. Help! Thanks.
  4. My 2009 does the same thing, especially when I press the "Start" button. It kind of sounds like when you shake an old lightbulb and the filaments rattle around. I have tried poking and squeezing the area around the tach, but to no avail. Argh!
  5. I am interested in adding the F-Sport air intake and exhaust to my '09 IS350. How difficult is it to add either one of these? Thanks.
  6. I have been looking for a low-mileage IS 350 for the past 6 months, and have been unable to find one. I spoke to my local dealer about the IS350 and availability. He said only 1 in 5 IS models he gets are the 350, so they are hard to come by, and that's why used ones are so rare. He also said driving the IS250 in something called the "power mode" is very close. (Of course, he had no IS350's on the lot.) I can't see how simply pushing a button can make a car w/204 hp drive like a car with 306 hp. It would be great if that really worked, as 250's are plentiful here and about 5 grand less.
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