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  1. No thanks, I dont need a picture anymore.
  2. My check engine light light came on so I went and got a diagnostic run on it. Apparently their is improper flow through the Egr valve. To save money I'm going to fix it myself. I know how to fix it, but I'm not sure where the Egr valve is. A post from a while back asked questions about the Egr valve. Some people posted a description and a diagram (that i cant see very well) telling where it is. So I know the general area where it is, but I'm still not sure exactly what it looks like (or exactly where it is). Does anybody have a picture of an EGR valve for a Lexus SC300? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. So I got 18" rims with 40 series tires. They look great with my bodykit and other mods. I mean the car just looks damn good! Except that the new rims and tires didnt feel up the wheel well very good so I decided to lower it. I lowered it about 2 inches in the front and just over 2 inches in the back. Now it sits really good but I ran into a problem, my rear tires were getting eat up really fast, they didnt last me no time. So I went and got new tires and got my car aligned. Well the dude said he couldn't get it aligned enough so it would still eat up my tires, I get it, I wasn't sure if just getting them aligned would completly solve the problem He really ticked me off because he also said the following: (1) the front end of my car was lower than the back end (no its not!). He said the back was fine. (Okay if the back is fine but the front is the problem, why were my rear tires getting eatin up but the front tires are totally fine??) (2)I needed to raise my car atleast 3 inches to fix the problem (that would mean I need to raise it above stock heighth! that doesnt make sense) (3) I asked about putting an aftermarket camber kit on it, he told me my car already had a camber kit on it and he pointed to the balljoint (Omg thats a balljoint you idiot not a camber kit!!) (4)After we contradicted everything he said he changed his reasoning on the problem, he said, "Well uh um its a Lexus, it's just different". (What?! It has tie rods, ball joints, struts, etc. just like any other car, its not that different!) Then my dad says, "Lets take it to this other guy". This old country guy really made me mad. This is what he said about my car, (1) Whoever put springs on this car should be shot (or maybe this country bumkin should be shot!) (2) You've ruined this car, it's a piece of sh*t, you should try to find someone to give it away to because you couldn't sell it for $25. (my car is not a POS because I lowered it!) (3) This car's been lowere atleast 4 or 5 inches (no it hasnt you idiot!) (4) There is no way to put the factory springs back on, you won't find anybody who would do it (Yea okay! I could put them back on!) (5) Anybody who gets rims ruins their car, you're rims don't have a lip, they can't be aligned. (Wow, my stock 16's didnt have a lip. Millions of people have rims and we're all doing just fine, besides I've already had them aligned twice during the year I've had them) The guy at the local performance shop said those guys were idiots. He said other people have lowered Lexus' and they road race and drift Lexus SC300's so it has to work. He said he'll look up camber kits for my car. I am really angry because I know there is a way to get this to work. And I'm tired of these people telling me I don't know what I'm talking about and that I'm stupid, and telling me I don't know anything about cars because I'm a chick. So I'm wondering if anybody has lowered their Lexus. Did you get a camber kit for it? What brand? I just want ya'lls input on this. I'm just getting really fed up so any input is greatly appreciated Sorry this was so long. Thanks for your time
  4. The passenger side seat belt in my '96 SC300 is having the same problem. I asked Lexus about it and had like an "import mechanic friend" look at it and they both said that it can't be fixed you just have to buy new seatbelts. But they told me that even though the belt doesn't have tension, it's not defective, it will still work fine
  5. I just replaced my rear main seal last December and its already seeping oil again. What is the deal?! Those are pretty impressive times AWJ
  6. I did the conversion last year, I have some suggestions. It's a lot easier to put the diffusing plastic in the light if you cut it into sections (like the lenses). Also, when I put the diffusing plastic in, I used mostly hot glue and Epoxy (even though hot glue is nice because it's clear, unless you load the sucker down with it the hot glue will melt over time and the diffusing plastic will slip down. Putting them in the oven works great but it's nice to have a heat gun too. And one last thing, it's great to have a friend help you do this conversion. They'll keep you company and you can cry together when it takes 4 hours to get one light apart (okay so there wasn't any crying but we came close a few times). And patience is good too, cuz it takes forever.
  7. I just want to start off saying that for the past month my computer has been down and it's been so frustrating to not be able to log on. I have missed ya'll and it's good to be back! Ok now for my question, this is for all the Floridian, Californian, Hawaiian and any other beach going SC's out there. Do they make a surf rack that fits the SC300. I have 2 surfboards that I have to get down to Panama City next month. I found a nifty lil way to get one down there by means of my SC300 (if it's not raining it works) but there's no way my system works with 2 boards, so I really need a surf rack! Please help! Oh yeah, on a side note, I'm baggin' my SC guys! Woohoo!! Hopefully those will be ready for PCB as well!! Thanks!!
  8. Hey, I have trouble playing burnt cd's in my changer. Normal cd's do fine, but sometimes my burnt ones don't work, I figured since my SC is a '96 the whole cd/stereo system is probably pre-burned cd era, so it has trouble reading the burned cd's. But I guess its okay cuz it usually works after the first few tries.
  9. Hey PCB, eh. I'm headin down there the second week of April, and takin my pimped out SC300. Oh yeah! I heard there's going to be a huge car show down there the second weak of April, like a Hot Import Nights during the day. Anybody else heard about this? Anybody else headin down there that week? We could meet up.
  10. I thought that hood lining was also used for safety. Ya know I heard it acts kinda like a fire blanket, if your engine catches on fire it will drop and hopefully smother the fire out. Also, I'm a weight junky, how much weight would be saved if that lining was removed?
  11. I did 135mph in my barely modded SC300. She could have definitly gone faster, but I started getting into light traffic so I decided to slow down
  12. I'm not sure why, but the post listed the link as "my webpage", it's actually a previous post in this forum. :)
  13. I kinda like the fender flares/scopes on this SC. I can't really get a good look at them though. I heard they were part of the Blitz body kit for the SC, but after about an hour of searching I still can't find the website for "Blitz". Can anybody help me out? I want to add some more flare to my SC's exterior and I think these might be an option, any help is appreciated!My Webpage
  14. Hey LexPimpin, they do come out with a slight pinkish tint, it doesn't look bad though. At night like in a lit parkin lot there's totally no tint and you can see them from like a mile away. I'll get some directions wrote up and some pics. There are a few pics in the gallery somewhere that show what the light looks like through each stage.
  15. I cleared my tailights myself and with the help of a friend. I cost like $20 for materials (including the colored bulbs). It took us a while-like 10 hrs. or so, but it was worth it. I always get compliments on them and they look sooo much better than the stock tailights, more aggressive but not ricy. If you need directions on how to do this let me know and I'll hook you up.
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