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  1. I dont know if brave is the correct term... The car was actually my girls daily driver and I was aware that the oil level light had came on several times but didnt think it was staying on. We recently broke up and I drove the car and the light is on full time now, I'm terrified and have parked the car until I can get it in the shop. I am just praying that the sensor has malfunctioned... I will keep this post updated with the outcome once I get the car in the shop after a business trip next week. Thanks for the pic, it seems like the sensor isnt in a spot thats easy to access so Im going to le
  2. I have a 2003 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury that is displaying a "low oil level!" warning on the information center, it is not the "low oil pressure!" warning as I have seen that display once before momentarily about 15k miles ago. This low oil level warning displays with a large red exclamation point. The "low oil level!" warning first came on around 7k miles ago and was only on momentarily, It scared me so I instantly pulled over and let the car sit for a minute and checked the oil, it was good on the dipstick so I started the car again and it was off. A few days later and it came on again for a
  3. Thanks for the help, I will be replacing the fuel filter to see if that helps tomorrow. How do I check the maf?
  4. My 1995 LS400 just started jumping under normal acceleration, it feels like its misfiring. This only happens when the car is at normal operating temperature and under light accel , the car runs fine when cold or 70%+ throttle. The check engine light has not come on so cant get a code. The plugs and wires were changed about 20k ago, the only thing i can think of is I ran the car out of gas (coasted into the gas station) about 2 months ago but it hasnt shown any problems until today so im not sure if thats even related. Any suggestions would be appreciated, the car is parked until I can figu
  5. Hi everyone! After 215k miles my 1st & 2nd gears disappeared in my W58 5-speed transmission, I always read that 3rd gear was the weakest link in the W58. I am having a very difficult time locating a manual transmission from an SC300 or 93-98 Supra for a reasonable price. After searching I found that W58 transmissions from previous year (82-92) Supras are everywhere and fairly cheap so I picked one up locally for $150 out of a 1988 Toyota Supra NA. I did a side by side comparison of the original SC300 W58 and the W58 from the 88 Supra: 1. The bellhousings are different, one is for a 2JZ
  6. PROBLEM RESOLVED! I replaced the Harmonic Damper and installed an Exedy Clutch and the SC300 has been running strong for 3,000 miles with no problem. So all in all I learned: DO NOT use ebay clutches or ebay underdrive crank pulleys.
  7. Try replacing the master and bleeding the system. Did the new clutch work at all after the install? Any vibrations at idle?
  8. yeah, we will be changing all fluids and installing a new exedy clutch, transmission, flywheel bolts, harmonic damper... anything else i should change out? i have a dial indicator and a mag base so im going to check the runout on the flywheel once its installed. thanks!
  9. thanks for the response, well seeing as how the flywheel came loose 2 times I think its possible the shaft is messed up. it looks visually fine but I'm unsure of how to actually check it, I do have a new tranny that I'm going to install. the old tranny shifted fine, didn't grind, but it had sloppy gates (bushing?) but that's too be expected after 200k+ miles isn't it? yeah I power braked the car maybe 3 times since I've owned it, I maybe did about 10 donuts a month, and drifted it daily... gear fluid, main seal shouldn't actually effect the clutch itself should it? I was under the impression
  10. Your best bet is to take the car to a good shop and have them give it a thorough check. its obviously modified. You can buy Daizan bushings for control arms, steering rack, and sway bars but the install requires burning the old bushing out, do a search, there is a write up on it, for me personally its too much work, i would rather just buy new control arms with the bushings installed. I believe you can use toyota supra control arms and save a few bucks but im not positive. Dash lights go out, my seats broke, window regulator broke on both windows, harmonic dampers like to fly off. other than t
  11. Well the engine is a low milage JDM 2JZ-GE, several of my friends and I have purchased engines from them with no problem before. the flywheel is BRAND NEW, all the bearings were replaced each time the clutch was (replaced 3 times). I will be trying a lower milage transmission this install, along with an oem harmonic damper. other than that the only other thing it could be is the crank. Any ideas?
  12. PROBLEM RESOLVED READ LAST POST... Ok I have owned this car for 4 years since 100k miles and now I am going crazy with clutches and my sc300! Heres whats going on with my SC300, at 160k miles I replaced the clutch with an OEM unit and had to tighten the bolts on my clutch master cyclinder because it was moving/flexing away from the firewall everytime I pressed the clutch pedal down. The car ran great for about 5k miles and then the harmonic damper seperated at the rubber and flew off, I replaced it with a Bomz crank pulley... At 208k miles I was on my way to work when my car started
  13. Ok guys I need help! Recently my flywheel came loose and started vibrating so I called my mechanic and ordered a new clutch to install while the transmission was off. I ordered an XTD stage 3 clutch off of ebay and my mechanic installed it along with new flywheel bolts. I broke the clutch in for 500 miles and then started driving progressivly harder, I was on my way to work and I launched from a red light and went to shift into 2nd gear and the clutch wouldnt disengage and I could feel a vibration. I attempted to drive the car home and found out that it would shift below 2k rpms but not above.
  14. Yeah I'm really not into drag racing, gotta have corners, lol. the drift events are usually $50-$100 but if you have enough friends your can rent out the tenino racetrack for fairly cheap ( I think it was like $500 or somethin) if u divide it up between 5 or 6 buddies. I am checking out solo racing and it seems to be ideal for me, its $25 an event and looks/sounds like a great LEGAL time!
  15. The body shop does offer a LIFETIME gaurantee on all repairs done but I assume they will claim no responsibilty for the transmission making noise because of the milage on the car (they did a full tune-up on the car because it had a misfire after they repaired it and were very hesitant to because they claimed it was highly likely that the car ran rough before the accident) and the other stuff is so minor I haven't even wasted my time trying to get them fix any of it.
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