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Mark Levinson & Radar Cruise control in America ?

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Hey I was wondering i am looking for a ct200h 2014+ and there's is literally no one that comes with ML sound system and radar cruise. All of the videos I see of them online are coming from the UK. However I cant seem to find any place where it States that the Mark Levinson system and Radar Cruise control isnt offered in America. any helping?

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    • By dwt3040
      Just bought the 2004 rx330 for my wife and the cruise control does not work and there is no cruise dash light illuminated.
      I am looking for some trouble shooting steps.
    • By Harley Rider
      ‘05 GX with 147k miles, owned since new. Mark Levinson audio worked fine when I parked it three days ago. Now, it comes on for less than 1 Second, then shuts off. No sound on radio, CD, or tape (yes, the ‘05 still has a cassette deck). Turn the key off, then back on, audio comes on for less than 1 second, then quits again. Shut the GX off for an hour, same thing on start up. Nav screen works fine and all on-screen audio info shows up fine. Nav voice commands come through loud and clear. Searched the forum and can’t find anything.
      Any ideas before I spend $$$ at Lexus?
    • By zcoco300h
      Just bought a sweet used 2013 ES 300h which I love however the stock stereo is underwhelming. Coming from an '09 Camry Hybrid with a JBL package (which was pretty good, great bass).
      This is the nicest car I have owned so far and I would like to avoid putting an actual sub and amp in the truck and dicking around with wiring etc. I would like to get alittle more bass out of the system though and hope that this can be done by upgrading the rear deck woofers.
      Any ideas/ past experiences etc...?
      Thank you!  
    • By Btrini
      6 months ago I purchased a Certified Pre Owned LX 570 and have been loving it so far.  However, yesterday the sound suddenly cut off while I was driving.  Did some reading and found that these Mark Levinson amplifiers have been acting up since 2001 vehicles.  I took the vehicle to the dealer and confirmed that the issue was the amplifier and enquired as to why haven't Lexus done anything about this issue which seems to be over 16 years old.  I spoke to someone and they suggested there may be ground for a class action lawsuit based on the number of vehicles that have had this issue.  I am curious as to how many have had this problem to see if there is indeed a systematic issue or if they are isolated incidents.
      Look forward to hearing back.
    • By onnomvansanten
      From one day to the next my cruise control system does not work. When I engage it by pressing the button following message is displayed "Check Cruise System"
      It does not respond to pressing forward (to disengage the radar control and just go to regular - which I mostly use) or any variant thereof. so I am thinking that it could be a fuse. But my owners manual does not show what fuse it involved and where it is located, so maybe someone here know which would save me from checking every single fuse in the car.
      If you have any other solution....................please do say so. Lexus dealer is good, but they are waaaaaay overpriced (I was quoted 1050+ tax for a replacement of auto levelling sensor - did it myself for 305 in 15 minutes)
      Thank you very much
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