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From one day to the next my cruise control system does not work. When I engage it by pressing the button following message is displayed "Check Cruise System"

It does not respond to pressing forward (to disengage the radar control and just go to regular - which I mostly use) or any variant thereof. so I am thinking that it could be a fuse. But my owners manual does not show what fuse it involved and where it is located, so maybe someone here know which would save me from checking every single fuse in the car.

If you have any other solution....................please do say so. Lexus dealer is good, but they are waaaaaay overpriced (I was quoted 1050+ tax for a replacement of auto levelling sensor - did it myself for 305 in 15 minutes)

Thank you very much

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    • By dwt3040
      Just bought the 2004 rx330 for my wife and the cruise control does not work and there is no cruise dash light illuminated.
      I am looking for some trouble shooting steps.
    • By tcarroll2
      I recently traded up from a 2007 LS 460 to a 2016 LS 460.  This new car has the radar controlled cruise control on it.  I use it primarily while driving in town because of all the dumb drivers.  It has worked great.  However, yesterday I was behind a car that kept breaking in front of me and the radar cruise did exactly as it had been designed to do.  However, on the last occurance the car in front of me was turning.  Normally it takes way too long for the car to accelerate back to the cruising speed so I help it out a little by pressing the accelerator manually (without cancelling the cruise control).  When I did this yesterday the vehicle accelerated just fine, but when I got to about 6-7mph from the set cruise speed I let up on the accelerator to allow the car to achieve the set cruise speed on its own.  However, once the cruise speed was achieved the car continued to accelerate on its own.  I had the cruise set to 48mph in a 40mph speed zone.  I finally had to cancel the cruise setting manually when the car reached 60mph.  When I resumed the setting the car began slowing down and resumed the 48mph set cruising speed with no further issue.
      Has anyone else experienced this?  The car barely has 18,000 miles on it and is still under factory warranty.  Should I be taking this to a dealership, or is it just a fluke?
    • By jaredmac11
      1997 Es300.
      Several months back, my odometer, speedometer, and cruise control stopped working.  It was just a flash at first, maybe once a week.  Then it seemed to go out for a month then came back, then it went away for good.
      I replaced both vehicle speed sensors.  Both taken from a Lexus ES300 transmission from a salvage yard.  I also plugged in 2 instrument clusters from that yard.  Neither of these seemed to fix the issue.  I have read from ONE source that the ABS wheel speed sensor could lead to this issue.  I was working on the brakes on the driver front side a bit before this started to happen, so maybe the issue is tied together here.  The part is coming in at the end of the month.
      Has anyone ran in to this issue?  What resolved it?  Google hasnt been all too helpful.  The issue seems to be sporadic from the 2-wire VSS, the 3-wire VSS (goes deep in to the transmission), or bad instrument cluster wiring
      Edit:  Only hesitation regarding the Wheel Speed sensor is that I only have the CEL, blanked odometer, non functioning Cruise control and a non-functioning speedometer.  I do NOT have any other lights, ABS or otherwise.
    • By siddhartha
      ES 300 2003
      My check engine light comes on. The code is related to the Knock Sensor. My mechanic (very trustworthy) says it needs to be replaced with the wiring harness (service = $900). Funny thing is, if I never put it in Cruise Control the engine light doesn't come on. When on the highway, and the engine light comes on while cruise control is enabled, and the engine downshifts going up a steep hill it then fails to shift back to OD, which I believe is a symptom of the Knock Sensor being bad. It is just odd that if i don't put it in cruise control it never does that. Does this mean my Knock Sensors aren't bad, but it is actually something with the cruise control?
    • By tesponde
      I have a 91 LS400 and I recently started having problems with the instrument cluster. The speedometer works intermittently sometimes reading the correct speed, no speed, or will show double the speed i am traveling at. All of the lights (i.e o/d, check engine, traction control, etc.) flash at random times and then go off randomly. The only thing that is not messing up it the Tachometer. The cruise control works but shuts off every time the speedometer changes position randomly. I am thinking it may be a problem with the ECU since the cluster seems to be able to operate all of it's functions with incorrect information. Thanks in advance!