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Tips for new 02 LS430 buyer..?


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Hey everyone 

I’m planning to buy 2002 Lexus LS430 base model with 320k km for $3200 CAD.

Owner says that when braking, brakes vibrate and two rear fenders have rust on them. 

What type of repairs and catches do I have to look out for if not ? 


Thanks a lot in advance 



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Yes . Those rust patches do not look nice. I am guessing that the put a lot of salt on the roads where you live.  A repair shop can fix the rust for you if you want to pay for it.  You should check what it looks like underneath also if you plan to keep the car a while. 

I live is sweden where we also salt the roads in winter. My 1995 LS400 has done well since it has been sprayed at some time and not driven so much during winter it seems, 

Brake vibrations is common and mostly easily fixed genrically.  Change rotors for a good brand. Does not have to be OEM.  BREMBO and BOSCH  brand worked fine for me.  Also it is very common that worne bushes in front suspension can give vibrations at highway speeds. On the LS400 it was tricky since the bushes looked not bad but they were.  The LS430 has a different design. Others may have better info here. Often needs some research how to fix well. Exchaning only bushes for new OEM fixed mine well cheaply. Inexpensive to purchase but needed several ton press for the job.  



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