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  1. My powertilt and telescope on my 1995 started acting up. Only worked sometimes. Since I am the only user I put it where I wanted and disconnected it. To be honest I think the automatic function is a bit annoying. You need to wait for it to finnish before using steering wheel as support to get out. My impression is that I would need a new motor for the tilt and some lubrication to get it working. Ratling side mirror could mean something loose you could fixate again. Quite expensive to get even a used mirror where I live. Seem in demand.
  2. I have done it. Just disconnected the tilt in a position I like. I do not remember any magic or violence needed at all if you find all the screws. No clips . I followed some Youtube short video if I remember correctly
  3. I have one 1995 as winter car. ( Mark2 ) and a 1998 as summer car. ( mark3 ) . The Mark 3 i like better.
  4. Ouch that was often. My lower controll arms are original after ca 120k miles on my two LS400 1995 and a 1998 . Cooler climate. Sweden. That helps I guess.
  5. Generically it is often a sensor that becomes sensitive to temperature at end of its life that gives this type of problem . On other car I have had simmilar problems and it was both times crank sensor signal acting up. Reading error codes should tell the story.
  6. Nice car. I own a dark blue 1998. You have to do some research to fix these cars at a reasoanble cost if something goes wrong . The dealer prices normally are very high.
  7. I bought my 1995 with 90.000 miles on it three years ago. Had never had a cam belt exchange. Not smart. Exchanged belt etc myself immediately after purchase and it looked okay still. Read about failures after 140000 miles and 20 years that ruined the engine though. Luck and climate etc matters I guess. 20 year old rubber is scary. The 1995 is a nice car . I really like it. Meant to use it as a summer car only but used it most of the year. Take things that do not work seriously. Can cost a lot to fix .For example a broken radio can cost 1000$ to get fixed. Not easy to go aftermarket, cabling non trivial . I ended up accepting not having a working radio.
  8. Yes. It is very easy when you know how it is done. Vissine is right. It is a very good idea to rotate and feel all the belt wheels for rough bearings. sounding dry or extra play or rough means you should fix it. I had two of those on the serpentine when I it. Mine could be fixed by pressing in new 10$ bearings.
  9. In Europe a company named FEBEST sells most bushing (OEM like) for the LS400. I have bought some beacuse they where the only ones selling some of them. Did not use them yet though because I got hold of OEM for the important ones. I have also bough different OEM stuff from Japan from AMAYAMA.COM . Seemed like real OEM stuff in Toyota packaging.
  10. Do not know. Mine could not be that though. The connector with power feed from car to radio was dead with no 12V voltage at all. Feels like wire is cut somewhere . I guess any code issue would be handled by the radio unit itself.
  11. On mine pads in rear was sticking in caliper. The wheel did not turn well and the brake felt a bit soft. The caliper was fine . Could press in piston easy. Put in new pads. Had to adjust them sligtly to fit well. Problem solved.
  12. Hi All. I have no power to the unit coming in in connector in the back but the two fuses are ok and give 12 V in fuse boxes. That is the mystery. Hence there is no indication that my Radio unit is defective. Mikael
  13. Hi guys. I have 1995 LS400 100k miles with the pioneer radio with CD changer. Radio function is dead. I have checked the two Radio fuses and they are ok and 12 V is present at the fuses. I can hear the CD changer working a bit when CD pack is inserted. I have looked inside the radio and can see that it has been exchanged for a repaired one at some time. Half sloppy resistor work and exchange unit markings. However all power and earth to radio on C-connector is non present in the connector to the radio. Hence Radio unit could be fully functional if power is fixed. C14 = not earthed C1 and C6 no power no matter where ignition key is. All other stuff in car works except seat heaters. Cigarette lighter also works so AM1 fuse and AM1 switch in ignition should be ok . I have previously removed the telephone stuff from trunk and reconnected the two large connectors and also disconnected the telephone stuff between the seats as recommended. Did that before I noticed the dead power feed to the radio. Multiple errors it seems. Very strange. Often these type seemingly several uncorrelated errors have a common cause. Does the connector have a mate disconnected or with bad corrosion at other end?. Car is in nice condition with good original paint and no rust to mention. Have not yet seen any connectors with problems . Not even in engine compartment. Any help appreciated. Mikael
  14. Yes you are right. I did not think it through. If cams have stopped moving in a non interference motor due to belt broke (all valves ok but not moving) it is likely that about 4 out of 8 cylinders are with one or more valves permanently open and the other with them shut. All cylinders will show close to zero compression since the ones with valves closed will not suck in any air to compress and the one with one or two open obviously will not show any compression.
  15. Yes you are right. non interference motor. hence easy fix if belt has skipped. If you take comp test about half of the cylinders should have no comp if the timing belt is gone or badly slipped. Depending on which valves are open. Still a motor does not go from good to bad in a short time if it has oil and water. Mikael