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  1. Quite a lot is same same underneath actually. suspension and brake stuff for example. Mostly places you buy from have the knowledge. There are many places to check otherwise. an example . You just need your VIN
  2. Seems you may have a weak battery OR a poorly charged battery due to many very short trip . Check battery voltage with a volt meter when car has been off for a few hours. Google it. Then you get a good grip on charge level. For my battery type . AGM type battery ca 12.60 V means 75% charged. This is about what you should preeferably be at least for the battery to last.
  3. Yes . Those rust patches do not look nice. I am guessing that the put a lot of salt on the roads where you live. A repair shop can fix the rust for you if you want to pay for it. You should check what it looks like underneath also if you plan to keep the car a while. I live is sweden where we also salt the roads in winter. My 1995 LS400 has done well since it has been sprayed at some time and not driven so much during winter it seems, Brake vibrations is common and mostly easily fixed genrically. Change rotors for a good brand. Does not have to be OEM. BREMBO and BOSCH brand w
  4. Hi There , On my LS400 the VSC light came on no nad then when the battery was in need of replacement . Did not return with after replacing battery.
  5. Sounds like som parasitic current when sitting idle. Normally leaving a car for say 3 weeks should be fine even in winter. Though IF you run only very short errands of say a a mile or two battery may not charge to fully. Then you may have problems even if there is nothing wrong with your car. You may help with applying a charger occacionally or driving for longer trips occasionally. Being not full ages the battery though. There is a simple and better solution, Buy a AGM type battery . They are different. They typically accept charge several times faster. Often charge to full in a few minute
  6. My powertilt and telescope on my 1995 started acting up. Only worked sometimes. Since I am the only user I put it where I wanted and disconnected it. To be honest I think the automatic function is a bit annoying. You need to wait for it to finnish before using steering wheel as support to get out. My impression is that I would need a new motor for the tilt and some lubrication to get it working. Ratling side mirror could mean something loose you could fixate again. Quite expensive to get even a used mirror where I live. Seem in demand.
  7. I have done it. Just disconnected the tilt in a position I like. I do not remember any magic or violence needed at all if you find all the screws. No clips . I followed some Youtube short video if I remember correctly
  8. I have one 1995 as winter car. ( Mark2 ) and a 1998 as summer car. ( mark3 ) . The Mark 3 i like better.
  9. Ouch that was often. My lower controll arms are original after ca 120k miles on my two LS400 1995 and a 1998 . Cooler climate. Sweden. That helps I guess.
  10. Generically it is often a sensor that becomes sensitive to temperature at end of its life that gives this type of problem . On other car I have had simmilar problems and it was both times crank sensor signal acting up. Reading error codes should tell the story.
  11. Nice car. I own a dark blue 1998. You have to do some research to fix these cars at a reasoanble cost if something goes wrong . The dealer prices normally are very high.
  12. I bought my 1995 with 90.000 miles on it three years ago. Had never had a cam belt exchange. Not smart. Exchanged belt etc myself immediately after purchase and it looked okay still. Read about failures after 140000 miles and 20 years that ruined the engine though. Luck and climate etc matters I guess. 20 year old rubber is scary. The 1995 is a nice car . I really like it. Meant to use it as a summer car only but used it most of the year. Take things that do not work seriously. Can cost a lot to fix .For example a broken radio can cost 1000$ to get fixed. Not easy to go aftermar
  13. Yes. It is very easy when you know how it is done. Vissine is right. It is a very good idea to rotate and feel all the belt wheels for rough bearings. sounding dry or extra play or rough means you should fix it. I had two of those on the serpentine when I it. Mine could be fixed by pressing in new 10$ bearings.
  14. In Europe a company named FEBEST sells most bushing (OEM like) for the LS400. I have bought some beacuse they where the only ones selling some of them. Did not use them yet though because I got hold of OEM for the important ones. I have also bough different OEM stuff from Japan from AMAYAMA.COM . Seemed like real OEM stuff in Toyota packaging.
  15. Do not know. Mine could not be that though. The connector with power feed from car to radio was dead with no 12V voltage at all. Feels like wire is cut somewhere . I guess any code issue would be handled by the radio unit itself.
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