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  1. I purchased the wrong item off eBay. I need the one without the pre-crash retractor, and they aren't interchangeable.
  2. So I replaced the driver's door over a year ago. The passenger more recently. Now the drive door is acting up again. Just like Chops mentions, when hot out it doesn't work. When colder it tends to work. Had I mailed back my "core" to the eBay seller that I purchased both actuators from I would have had a lifetime warranty. Whoops. I'll try replacing just the motor this time. IIRC, it took me about an hour to do the driver's door the first time. 30 minutes for the passenger side. However, I do have to disassemble the actuator itself to replace the motor but $5 < $170.
  3. Besides the issues hooking into the OE nav screen, wiring it to the trunk lid is "interesting" since it has a wire loom reel.
  4. I've done both front doors, as they both eventually died. I used a $170 replacement on eBay, but it looks like you can just replace the electric motor for a lot less according to another poster above. It only takes a couple hours. Hardest part is wiggling the assembly out of the door. What I can recall from memory: Remove the door panel (I've seen other how-tos on doing this) and weather shield Remove 2-3 bolts holding the actuator assembly to the door frame Remove the 3 bolts holding the jamb on Reach up in the door and disconnect the outer door handle Disconnect the electrical harness Wiggle the entire assembly out
  5. I use Mobile 1 10W-30 every 10k, and have done oil analysis to ensure the oil still has life left at that interval, which it does.