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Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum. I've been browsing for a couple of weeks. I am thinking of purchasing a 1 owner 2003 pearl white LS430 with 137k. from a friend. I drove it the day he bought it and have liked it ever since. The timing belt was changed at 95k. I can buy it for $4700. I think it's a no brainer but would be interested in some of your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your input!

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Hi Mark...welcome to the Forum

Sounds like a good deal and a fine car ... go for it

Let us know how you get on

Cheers  Trevor

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      I have a modern luxury 06 LS430 Sport. Lately I feel the suspension is softer but also the ride is rougher when the road is not super smooth. It just reach 100k and I think its perhaps suspension had wore out over the years. How do I confirm its the suspension and what part beside shock need to be replace? Thanks.

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      Hi. I am new to this forum. I have read what you all have to say for a while and it has been a great education. I am totally impressed, especially, with the late model Lexus 400 and Lexus 430 Models. Please be forgiving if my syntax/form is not exact at first. My old car was totaled a few days ago by a driver not using headlghts in the rain, at night. That's not the point. Point is: I have to act quickly as I will be getting a check for about $6-8K from insurance. My great, longterm, totally reliable Toyota/Lexus mechanic tells me I can get a fully loaded Black 97 Lexus LS 400 for $3,500. It has 155,000 miles. I have been a Camry guy. I am tired of not having comfort (I am a big guy -6'2", 275 lbs w/ a long trunk). So two questions within a question. First, what should I look for in this older (but not over-the-hill car)? Second, will it have enough room for a guy of my size (noting that I suffered a Camry nonadjustable seat for too long)? I may also have a slim chance at a Lexus LS430 with 185,000 miles for $6,700, but that is looking less likely. In any case, please advise, given that both have complete service records from date of purchase and no problem history. Btw, the LS 400 has had only 30 service/repair visits since it was new. Thank you in advance for any insight you may have to share.
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      I have a 2001 Lexus LS430. I purchased the most recent Nav DVD from the dealer (previously using original 2000 DVD) and tried to install it. It tried loading and got almost all the way through the process then said disk read error. I took the disk out and noticed it had many scratches on it. The scratches came from the manufacture so Lexus gave me a new one that wasn't scratched. I tried to install the new one and it just said "no disk detected". Tried to put the old one in and it said the same thing. I tried disconnecting the negative on the car battery over night and still had the same error. The dealer took a reader out of another car and put it in mine and it worked fine. They said the problem is definitely with the reader. The Nav worked fine until I tried updating it with the damaged disk that I got from the dealer. They said it is just coincidence that it stopped working at that time. My question is: Is it more likely that reader just went bad at that time (because of the bad disc or not) or that it just partially down loaded the bad disk and needs to be reset somehow? I was reading something on here about a battery in the reader itself and resetting the reader. Does anyone no anything about that or have any other input or suggestions? Thanks!