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NJ: WTB stock 04-06 LS430 grill (will trade VIP grill)

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    • By H nashir
      It can move to lay flat but will not rise 
    • By AsianFiji
      Hey everyone 
      I’m planning to buy 2002 Lexus LS430 base model with 320k km for $3200 CAD.
      Owner says that when braking, brakes vibrate and two rear fenders have rust on them. 
      What type of repairs and catches do I have to look out for if not ? 
      Thanks a lot in advance 

    • By Lexcelsior007
      I want to check the resistance of the coils in my 98 LS. I have taken them out and there are 4 prong connectors on them. I have a multimeter but want to know what resistance and prongs I should be measuring. Thanks in advance to your replies.
    • By MikeyMystery
      Hey guys. Just purchased a 1997 LS 400 and it's seen better days. It's leaking coolant pretty badly and I need to know what all the hoses are so I can start replacing the ones that I know are bad. It's also got a Heater Control Valve that's been broken off so I'll probably have to replace that first. Basically I need a manual like a Haynes or a Chiltons but I'm a cheapskate and was hoping someone might know where to get the PDF version of the manual.  If not links to the manual could anyone give me pictures of the pages I need just to show me what exactly the parts are called I need to replace. This might be a stupid question also but it's low on Automatic Transmission Fluid and I wasn't sure if I can add it by pouring it directly into the place the dipstick is held. I can't find an opening to add it besides that and I know sometimes adding transmission fluid isn't as easy as topping off your oil or coolant. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
    • By Daniel N.
      I recently had to tow my LS430 to the shop.  I picked it up and drove away, and the car started making random chirping noises. The noises are electronic, so it seems to be some kind of computer malfunction.  I haven't been able to find anything like this on the forums, and none of the shops I took it into had ever seen anything like it.  Does any one have any ideas?  I'm attaching a video of the noises.  They are completely random, they change sounds, and it doesn't seem to effect the driving of the car.  It just annoys the hell out of me.  
      Any ideas??
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