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I have a 1993 Lexus LS400 for sale.

With 206,000 MIs automatic trans, power seats still work, power steering, just detailed the entire car inside and out, only down side is paint chip on the roof (can send more photos upon request.) other than that it's a good car and drives like a dream. $3,600 willing to negotiate. (Worse I can say is no) if I have to ship Im charging more. Radio doesnt play but is unlocked and sunroof is sealed shut from previous owner. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina 

















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      It can move to lay flat but will not rise 
    • By Logan pool
      I took my 98 ls400 to a mechanic because the car would not accelerate unless it was completely floored, I had already replaced the throttle position sensor and I took it to the mechanic to replace the acceleration position sensor, after he replaced it and reconnected the battery the car wouldn’t even start anymore and he was getting codes for something like a security problem, and the security light was flashing but if I remember right it has always been flashing. There was also a code for the ECM (computer), I have no idea what the problem is so anything anyone can tell me would help, thank you.
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      Anyone know what this is ? 
      next to the drive train. Not the bushings in the back it’s more forward 

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      Does anyone have a part number or a link where I could find a new fuel pump for my 2000 Ls400???
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      Hello -
      My daughter totaled her 95 so we found a 96 and put the much lower mile engine in. Engine runs fabulous just like in the other car. After a few hours of running, the engine light comes on. Nether LS had codes before the swap Checked codes and get these: "PO450 Evaporative Emission System Pressure Sensor Sensor/ Switch" and "PO430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2". . 
      What I could find on out there was limited but I believe the 96 had an emission system that the 95 did not. I still have the 95 as a parts car so looking for best options to turn the engine light off for these errors. Again, engine runs fine and she is driving it every day. 
      Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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