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Bmw Headlight Conversion

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Well i LOVE the headlights on the BMW's,and especially the semi circle outlines they create on the body.

so is there any conversion for my lights to a bmw's

i think the bmw lights are called angel eyes,and i know it can be done for hondas so im wondering what about lexus's

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It can be done on the ES and it has been done on the ES.

This was a hot topic over a year ago hear and on CL. Do a search on "angel eyes" and "devil eyes" but extend you search limit to over a year ago.

As I remeber, there were actually several ways to acheive this look and one could even be done simply with material from a computer store.


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Alright thanks found it

One thing i noticed is when he made the little rivits on the inner side so it deflect,he only made them liek a semi circle,wouldnt u make them all the way around so the whole circle stands out and not just the bottom half.

wow,that would look sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Does anyone know who has done this "Do it ureself" angerl eyes?

or anyone know anyone that has angel eyes on their es300,hows it look.

Also SK do u know of any precautions i need to take. how woul di open up my headlight without breaking anything. And im thinkin about it and if i already open up my casing then i might as well clear the corners,but thats a different topic.

What i hope to do is make a blue LED angel eyes. That would look so sweet. does anyone know what the cops would say,b\c i dont think your aloud to have blue coming out of your car,but making a switch for the angel eyes would not only be better,that you can turn them on and off to showof but also for if a cop says anything.:). but it woudl also be like next to impossible for DIY. but hey anythings possible.

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Easily turned off with a switch.

I love the 5 series light with the halo's they are absolutly amazing looking.

But i am a stickler for mixing and matching parts.

As i have mentioned before

M3 fender and Z3 fender belong on M3's and Z3's not preludes and civics.

I love them but wouldn't put them on my car.

LED's won't show up very well except direcectly infron of them as already tested as it is directinal light unless you use a diffuser infront of them to spread the light.

Opening the headlight is just like the taillights ,same procedure

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