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  1. sk... i think you scared him away with the oven method... lol. you should know by now not many new guys are in the mood to throw a plastic headlight housing in an oven. :) how's it been around here anyhow? i noticed i've been demoted :P kev
  2. dang i wish they had this when my ES was still here :( kev
  3. lol keep it cool, guys. yeah i still wonder about the acura tranny issues, but it's covered to 100,000 miles for the tranny under all circumstances, so yeah. :) i love you 17" stock 5-spoke rims though. they're a beauty :) kev
  4. heh sorry to say guys, my '93 ES300 is gone. my mom finally realized there were too many things wrong with it and thought it was best to get a new car. i looked for an '01 ES300 but to no luck on a good deal. i looked to an '03 IS300 5-spd but no luck, i was sold... then my friend sends me this one link... Tafetta White '02 Acura 3.2 TL Type-S $16000 // 21k miles i just couldn't pass it up. went to check it out the next day, put down the deposit, and picked it up the third day... traded in the ES for $3000... but not before i stripped it to hell :) took out my HU, and my bulbs (which fit right into my TLS fogs) :D well i'll still be around guys, since the ES will still be my most well known car. i'll still provide help to this great site and the great people. take care of those cars, and don't do anything stupid :) kev
  5. the cuts are used to redirect the light and make it brighter. without the cuts, the light wouldn't be as bright as it is with the cuts. it's a light diffraction thing. it does help. kev
  6. there is a way to rig the wires to do it. but the problem with the ES is that the wires are connected to the turn signal arm and the wires go through the steering column. that one's a hard one to figure out, but if the wires can be accessed easily, an easy mod to do once you find the right wire to trick the car into thinking the headlights are on. kev
  7. dang stevie. good to hear vacation wasn't too bad with your mind on the Lex the whole time. good to hear it's getting worked on and being babied just like you treat it. :) if they work on high end cars like Lexus, BMW, MB, Audi, and any exotics, i'm sure they'd be a well trusted body shop. and if a guy's willing to pull procedure to help you fix somethin wrong that lexus did. that's gotta be somewhat reassuring. hope this experience goes all well. i'll bet you can't wait to get that Lexus back and get back into the smooth clean feel of the ES :) it'll come, stevie, it'll come. :P kevin
  8. i actually had that problem with my old stock headunit in my '93... it was really really loose and the volume wouldn't come on at all. i had a lexus mechanic check it out and he tore the whole thing apart and found out something had come loose and had to be resoldered. he decided the HU still wouldn't be right with it so he told me to get something new. but since it's about the same thing, i'm guessing it's a tape inside that's loose and needs to be reconnected along with anything else connected to the button. it would most likely need the entire head unit changed out. the car should be under warranty... so why not take it to lexus and show them their problem. kevin
  9. dang that's gotta suck... and you can't really ask him to pay for your car... since he already got a beating from it. lol. the fender couldn't be more than $300/400 painted and installed. the hood repainted maybe $200. gotta do it right. but also make sure that it's lexus OEM parts... the last time i had my front end replaced... dang... i got this ugly butt grille... but i had to, because it was my fault, and yeah... tried to save money out of my deductible. kevin
  10. lol. nice idea... but then ya know... if you can't gas... that's not too big of a deal... but if you can't brake... you're TOTALLY screwed... so how 'bout everyone just watch their speed and drive safely... always watching out for black n white... well in recent cases, just ford crown vic's with really dark tint or light racks. lol. stupid undercover cop cars. wish i could afford a radar detector, but then again... i'm only 17 lol. which would prove to be quite a problem since uhh... well i need a job desperately. anyone wanna hire me? :) kevin
  11. i personally don't have much experience with the self-leveling HID's, but that could be something wrong with the leveling sensor, telling it to level too low from it's original height. i'm not sure though. anyone with self-leveling HID's could fill you in, but it's always worth a shot to just go to lexus and ask someone there if they know what it could be. but then again they always want money, so they'll say the most expensive thing on your car is broken and needs fixing. lol. shouldn't be too hard a problem to fix though. good luck. kev
  12. ebay does have the stuff... but i got mine at best buy. or actually any audio store should have them. car toys is usually most places, so try there first, but you can order from crutchfield online as well. most everywhere carries the same Metra kit. it has the wierd grain to it that doesn't match the a/c control smoothness, but it's all good. it's a kit, and it works, so why not. :) kev
  13. i got one at my nearest Best Buy. it was about the same price as that site... or actually it was like $15 + tax. it's the same thing though. but i trust a local shop better. it's easier to see if the harness is the right one that connects onto your plug. crutchfield has wiring harnesses too. kev
  14. there is actually another place you can order all this from... or just go get it. i got all my stuff from best buy. the dash kit, wiring harness, rca 2-to-1 wires, and headunit from there. everything was installed perfect and is powerful through the stock amp and stock speakers. it IS possible to use the amp. but if you really want a powerful system with new components and subs, etc. i would still recommend rewiring the entire thing with new wires straight to each component from the HU. kev
  15. dang stevie... sorry to hear bout the ES. hope the body shop experience goes through quick and painful. i would still keep the car. it seems to be just cosmetic damage. no mechanical most likely. but best thing is that YOU'RE okay... cars can be replaced and fixed... lives can't... especially by drunk drivers. stay safe out there guys. the LOC stickers are great... i have WAY too many... matt made way too many designs lol. i can't finish them all... my windows would be covered if i used every design he made... i swear. matt's a maniac. :) (in a good way, matt...) kev
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