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  1. IMG_3956.MOV IMG_3956.MOV I’m looking for (preferably) gold colored front fenders as well as a front bumper. I’d prefer gold but any color will do as long as they’re in a good rust free condition. And another on the checklist would be side view mirrors. I really just need the passenger side but a pair would be nice too.
  2. What did you pick it up for? I’m all honesty the way the JDM car market it blowing up in America chances are that you’ve got yourself a really great riggg!!! I bought my 98 ls with 270k miles on it for 1600. And in my area I can sell it for 4K all day, I could go higher especially being it’s rust free!!! So your car with only 122k will be well worth it!!! Again, depending on what you picked it up for. I for one am in love my the LS and more specifically the 1uz platform. You’ve got yourself an amazing rig!!!
  3. Just generally curious as to what the options I have for better differentials for my car. It looks like they made it somewhat difficult to put a lsd in the 98 ls400 and I’d really love to go that route. Thank you for your help in advance 🙏🙏
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