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What size valve shims do i need i bought a 1uz for 300 needed new valves but didnt come with shims for the buckets


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Shims over or under the buckets?

There's no starting reference point that I know of, simply because there are too many variables at play.

Depending on model year, there are 41 different shims, increasing in 0.020mm increments from 2.000mm to 2.800mm.  It is crazy to even consider buying every shim when they cost ~$13 per.  Even then you're not going to use most of them and will need more than a few of the same thicknesses.

If you have a shim under bucket arrangement ('98-later) you "might" be able to start by putting the bucket on a shimless valve and measuring the clearance.  Some math should put you close to a shim thickness.  You would need to do this to all valves, keeping the bucket with the same cam lobe.

You'd be money ahead by finding a different set of heads that have the shims installed and adjusted (at least close).

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