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Right blinker doesn't work left one does


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Ok so today I turned on my hazards because I had to empty things out of my trunk and I noticed that the right rear blinker wasn't come on at all so then I turned off my hazzards then to turned on my right blinker and nothing so then I went and got some new bulbs because I was sure that, that was gonna fix it but still nothing brand new bulbs did nothing and I checked with a volt meter to see if I was getting power and everything seemed good. Please help.

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Hi Kevin.

If you are getting power to the bulb and the bulb works okay then I would check the earth connection for the tail light unit as that is all it can be.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers  Trevor

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MI need did the same thing. Check power....good. along side of the bulb socket  Is the ground wire. I pushed that wire up and bent over the side of the socket. And the bulb started working.

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