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  1. Right blinker doesn't work left one does

    As Trevor stated above, I agree also check the bulb and see if possibly it got went? maybe the tail lights are not in all the way? But check the connections! Let us know
  2. Hello, hoping to reach out and find my answers for my wonders ha ha, but any who I have a 1999 Lexus sc300 with 170k miles bought it with 156k miles, let me tell you a little about it. This is my third Lexus SC300, I owned a Pearl white one that I ended up wrecking in a collison totaled it and i found out that on that car my gasket blew!!!!! head gasket to be exact that car was also a 99, second lexus sc300 was a 96 with 56k miles or 87k miles which was extremely low, but the condition for it needed a lot of work that I didnt have the time for, But thats alittle about my lexus past but the real question is i have notice some oil under my car and when i had it in to get an oil change at jiffy lube a couple of weeks ago they said it was or could be my oil pan gasket? I checked the Valve covers and they seemed fine i can post pictures of it later! But im hoping its not a Rear main seal causing me to drop the transmission and i know the cars old and wont be perfect but imma make it perfect to me! and thats what matters. She's also getting new wheels very soon! car problem video.html