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  1. Here I am, 3 years on and the "phantom" issue has been resolved. My friend/mechanic worked through the fuel system from the gas cap to the throttle body. Along the way, we replaced the fuel pump and filter. Thanks to some fellow "sufferers," we also found a work-around for eliminating the "Fuel Pump Control Module." And, voila, I have driven it 100+ miles and all seems to be operating perfectly. NOTE : we also installed an inertia-triggered cut-off switch in the left rear trunk area to ensure that the fuel system is cut-off in the event of a collision. Hope my experience is of some help to others. Stay Safe!
  2. 98,000 miles. original owner. technician replaced a/c compressor in 2016. now we can see green dye "draining" from flow tube of evap coil. system holds charge for several months before a/c no longer performs effectively. REQUEST: I would appreciate some advice as to COST or ALTERNATIVES or SITES I could search for just what is entailed in the removal / replacement of the evap coil. The tech is researching also but tells me the complete dash board needs to be removed in order to get at the coil. LABOR will likely be the highest cost. I am wondering if there are alternate routes we can go. Thanks in advance for your suggestion(s).
  3. Ta, Trevor. And my thanks to you as well, 62Daytona. My friend/neighbor/mechanic will look into these suggestions. So far, I am able to recall two incidents as I described earlier; and my nephew tells me this also happened to him once. That's just 3 times in 24 years which makes me/us wonder if it is a "phantom" electrical issue which is driven by the ambient temperature. More investigation needed. More suggestions welcome.
  4. Original owner of this 5-speed SC built in 1992. 90,000 miles. Recent incident occurred while underway at 65 mph. Ambient temperature 90 degrees. Vehicle had been sitting in sun for 3 hours. Drove 10 miles from stopped position. Complete loss of power. Eased to roadside. Waited 1 minute. No power indicators. Waited 2 more minutes. Rough start. Got underway. Vehicle jolting and jerking and jumping, even while sitting and certainly while attempting to get underway. After 3-4 miles, everything smoothed-out and next 25 miles without further incident. Can vaguely remember this occurring once before in 1995 or 1996, but of a minor nature. Vehicle has been maintained in excellent condition; always stored in a garage. Advice requested. THANK YOU.