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  1. Ok, question for you guys. I have a 93 sc400, bunch of little ussues. But my alternator went outo. So I changed the alternator out. Now my rpm gauge doesn't work. It may start working tomorrow. Does it have its own sensor or is it the cam sensors? We know it's not the distributor. Any help would be great and thank you in advance
  2. MI need did the same thing. Check power....good. along side of the bulb socket Is the ground wire. I pushed that wire up and bent over the side of the socket. And the bulb started working.
  3. With the steering wheel up and down and being stuck in the up position. I took the plastic covers off the collum. On the bottom side youll see a motor. I took the plate off, 3 bolts. I think 8 mm. Removed the cover and could see the gear. The gear was falling behind the drive gear. I removed the the gear and placed a washer behind the gear. Put back together and has worked fine since. Now the in and out I haven't fooled with.
  4. Hello all. This Scott. I have a 1992 and a 1993 lexus sc400. Wouldn't change for anything. Maybe just a little newer. The 92 was given to me and I drove it for a few years. And fell in love with lexus. Just bought the 93. Having problems passing emissions. But it's all good. I'll get it.
  5. I use this trick on all my cars. Best and cheapest thing on the market
  6. My 1992 sc400 threw codes not to long ago. 1 being throttle position sensor. Idle was all over the place. I replaced it and it's still doing the same. Code 24 is intake air temp. Sensor. This is where I'm lost. Is this apart of the mass air flow?