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I'm a NOOB with possibly the dumbest question ever but here goes anyway... I'm seriously considering buying a beautiful '04 GX470 but it is equipped with the Mark Levinson audio system. I've test driven the truck and LOVE IT but I'm concerned that the lack of modern features on the ML system is gonna drive me nuts. I've been poking around the forums and YouTube for a couple days now looking for solutions and an not very thrilled with the available options. Can anyone please tell me if the climate control unit from a non-navi GX could be installed allowing all the ML equipment to be pulled out for a clean install of an aftermarket system? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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My suggestion is to forget about installing an aftermarket system in a 12 year old vehicle and instead install a $230 VAIS SL3B Bluetooth interface and make your smartphone the center of your car entertainment universe:  

Buy a phone holder that attaches high on your dashboard and download iBolt Dock'n Drive to your Android or iOS phone to make it easier and safer to access and control phone apps like Pandora, Slacker, Tunein and music stored on your phone.  You can come reasonably close to emulating 2016 Lexus Enform by organizing smartphone apps with Dock'n Drive.

Attached is an photo from a few years back of an older version of Dock'n Drive on an old Samsung S3 I no longer use mounted in a holder in a 2000 Lexus LS400 I sold in 2014.  A new version of Dock'n Drive just came out today - they keep making it better and better.

iBolt Dock n Drive 2.JPG

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    • By Harley Rider
      ‘05 GX with 147k miles, owned since new. Mark Levinson audio worked fine when I parked it three days ago. Now, it comes on for less than 1 Second, then shuts off. No sound on radio, CD, or tape (yes, the ‘05 still has a cassette deck). Turn the key off, then back on, audio comes on for less than 1 second, then quits again. Shut the GX off for an hour, same thing on start up. Nav screen works fine and all on-screen audio info shows up fine. Nav voice commands come through loud and clear. Searched the forum and can’t find anything.
      Any ideas before I spend $$$ at Lexus?
    • By zcoco300h
      Just bought a sweet used 2013 ES 300h which I love however the stock stereo is underwhelming. Coming from an '09 Camry Hybrid with a JBL package (which was pretty good, great bass).
      This is the nicest car I have owned so far and I would like to avoid putting an actual sub and amp in the truck and dicking around with wiring etc. I would like to get alittle more bass out of the system though and hope that this can be done by upgrading the rear deck woofers.
      Any ideas/ past experiences etc...?
      Thank you!  
    • By Btrini
      6 months ago I purchased a Certified Pre Owned LX 570 and have been loving it so far.  However, yesterday the sound suddenly cut off while I was driving.  Did some reading and found that these Mark Levinson amplifiers have been acting up since 2001 vehicles.  I took the vehicle to the dealer and confirmed that the issue was the amplifier and enquired as to why haven't Lexus done anything about this issue which seems to be over 16 years old.  I spoke to someone and they suggested there may be ground for a class action lawsuit based on the number of vehicles that have had this issue.  I am curious as to how many have had this problem to see if there is indeed a systematic issue or if they are isolated incidents.
      Look forward to hearing back.
    • By biglou2002
      I have a 2013 ES350 Ultra Luxury with the Mark Levinson audio system.  Ever since I have had this car, all the sound seams to come from the front of the car. When you go to the balance and turn everything to the rear speakers, I lose all the sound out of the speaker on the pack panel and have very little sound from the speakers on the doors.  i have had the car in the dealership 4 times for them to look at the car.  They keep saying nothing is wrong with the system and that is the way the "Mark Levinson" system was designed to play in this particular car.
      Has anyone ever experience anything like this before?  I am so frustrated with this system that I am ready to get rid of the car. 
    • By parthdesai
      I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 which has a Mark Levinson sound system. The problem is that the front two speakers sound like they are blown especially the right front one. So I was thinking about replacing the speakers myself instead of taking it to Lexus and paying them $700.00 for one speaker lol.
      Would anyone be able to tell me the ohms and everything for those front speakers? I was told that I need to have speakers with the same Ohms and Ampers so I don't run the risk of blowing the amp.
      Thanks!! And any help would be appreciated!