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2010 Rx450h Accessory (starter) Battery Replacement

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3rd time in the past 18 months, the accessory battery was low and could not start the car. The 2nd time, I had it towed to the dealer and they said it was ok. This time, when trying to start, the air bag light came on, then the dash lights started flashing and the headlights were dim. After sitting a while, it did finally start. I had the battery checked and it says it needs a charge. Tried that, yet it does not hold a charge and still shows it needs a charge.

The odd thing is that this time, now the drivers window "auto up" function no longer works, the drivers button for the rear left seat window does not work (the rear seat button does work ok), all the windows seem to go up slowly.

Is the accessory battery just a standard battery I can get anywhere? I have heard, yes buy a size 35 anywhere, and I have also heard that the battery is a special gel battery that has to be purchased through the dealer?

Any recommendations as to a battery?


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My original battery on RX400h lasted 6 to 7 years.  Then I got a Costco battery($65), which last 3 years with corroded positive terminal clamp.  I read up Consumer Report, and bought an Interstate battery($120).  Gel battery are not necessary for RX hybrid because Gel/Glass Absorption Mat batteries are good for deep discharge/recharge.  Hybrid car just use the accessory battery to start the car computer and provide power to accessories.  It doesn't crank the engine. 

Always turn the key to On position if you will be idling for more than 3 minutes.  The accessory battery will run down very quick.  Let the car decided how to use the battery power.

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