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  1. Look out for Haynes manuals they basically strip down a car and rebuild it they are very good manuals
  2. ill certainly be purchasing from rock auto and with discounts and warranties available makes it all worthwhile
  3. Yep the pricing for the new control arms are on par with Ebay but the warranty with Rock Auto is 5 years 100,000 miles thanks for the tip. I also found a 5% discount using THOP1212 as a coupon code. I found the control arms with bushings and ball joints for $77 each that's almost the price for the bushings and balljoints alone.
  4. I have found that its easier and cheaper to replace the whole control arm with bushings already installed than it is to remove and replace the bushings in the original control arms all are available on Ebay
  5. I have noticed that the lower control arm bushings are cracking and need replacing anyone used the Red Energy bushings or the Danzien ones ? Looks as if they come in a two piece kit (male and female) for ease of installation( Once you have burned out the originals with a torch). I guess that unless you have a drill press available the originals can't be installed
  6. We'll let it slide....this time! ;) Any recommendations as to when this steering fluid gets replaced didn't find anything online or how to do it. I believe its a case of remove one or both hoses and drain down and refill or to suction out the power sterring fluid cylinder and just top up ? Any recommendations ? I also read that you must use Toyota Dexron 4 fluid ?Thanks in advance
  7. On a lot of cars if the battery has been removed or gone dead it is neccessary for the windows and sunroof to relearn. On Lexus the procedure is easy. run the engine, open the roof fully keep the open button held for 5 seconds or so after it is fully open then slide the roof fully forward hold the switch in the full closed position for five or ten seconds and the motor relearns the open and closed positions.Hope that helps
  8. Check your refrigerant charge R134A you can get a kit from your local parts shop Pep boys,Autozone, Kragens even walmart sells it. Attach gauge and can to low side of system(The hose cannot be attached to the wrong side as different sizes) and have your AC on high speed and coldest setting and check the PSIG readings on the gauge should be between 25 and 45 PSIG if fully charged readings over or below those means under or overcharged .It helps if you do this check when the weather is warmer ie sunny and hot than cloudy and cold or raining . Hope that helps
  9. Total shock and horror I had a jammed on rear caliper on the left side which caused the brake pad to wear down and start scoring the brake disc so after a clean up of the caliper and replaced the rear set of brake pads and one new brake disc later all is back up and running so now all is cool and while I was there i checked the wheel bearings and all is fine thanks for the info guys (Forgot about replying to this post replacement was done that same day)
  10. Yes, use Toyota branded transmission fluid and coolant. I think your ES has a drain plug for the transmission but I am not entirely sure. As for the capacites, you should be able to find them in your owner's manual. Remember that the coolant has to be diluted with water. The ultra long life coolant comes ready to use its red in color and doesnt need to be watered down .
  11. I could see that working on the exterior of the plastic lenses but certainly not on the interior which is how mine started to go ...however a quick look at Ebay got a couple of replacement HID headlights for $130 a pair shipped excellent
  12. I'll tear it all apart tomorrow and see what I can seee thanks for the info
  13. When I am going into a right hand bend my right rear wheel makes a noise like a dry wheel bearing doesn't happen when turning into a left hand bend . I have checked the wheels brakes bearings and cannot find any fault and its not the tires rubbing on the wheelarches before I can only turn into left hand bends!!!!!
  14. The car was bought off the lot and registered new in august 2006 was a late 2005 model brand new registered in 2006 so it was a new car
  15. Well here we are running the repaired AC and it works fine when the weather is cold ..however when I get a warm day (we have lots of them in California ) my AC light starts flashing !!! and I lose the AC functionality ... I have the car maintained every 5K as per the manual and the (Elite) dealership failed to see any dye leaks therefore I'd assume there weren't any ! Plus who usually runs the AC in the winter months ? Anyways the car will be going in for another repair . BARS where very helpful and I was told that any future issues be brought to the VP of the servicing dept and guess what I am certain he has the authority to ensure this customer receives the service I expected ...I wont waste my time with lawsuits the car will be topped off with Freon and sold back to the dealership in the event of the issue still being a problem .
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