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Broken Transmission Pan Bolt - How To Replace?


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Help! I love this forum and used it to replace the driver's door lock for $5!

This problem: I changed the transmission fluid and inspected/flushed the "strainer" (filter). When I put the pan back on with a new gasket I accidentally snapped off one of the 18 bolts that hold the pan on. It is the center, rear most bolt and, so far, the pan isn't leaking at all (only 1 week and 50 miles ago). My questions:

1) If it doesn't leak should I ever worry about this broken bolt?

2) If it does start leaking later is replacing a bolt something I could do? I am fairly competent around a garage but have never done this. I don't have a tap set (if one is required), but don't mind getting one if that is required.

3) One more "out of the box" idea I've seen kicked around: would it work to use a metal "bridge" from one good bolt to the other across the broken bolt?

Any expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

My Car: 2003 RX300 FWD with 60,000 miles.


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If the bolt is flush with pan, maybe next time when you take pan off you could file a slot in it and use a screwdriver. Other wise drill a hole thru the bolt and use the appropriate easy out which can be purchased at automotive stores or HF tools. Good luck

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