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  1. If all these codes appeared at the same time it would seem they have a common cause such as a bad connection in the coil harness or the fuel injection harness. Ignition coils are a common problem with this generation RX but they would fail individually. Fuel pressure is another common source that would cause multiple misfires simultaneously. Here is a link which discusses the P0300 code for your Lexus and that might help. I also would not discount the camshaft position sensors or the crankshaft position sensors as they can also create havoc with
  2. If the water is still a problem running the heater then I have to ask if you are sure it's A/C condensate and not coolant. A leak in the heating coil or one of the lines attached to the coil would produce the problem you are describing. Better check this one a bit more closely.
  3. The hydraulic struts on either side of the trunk hatch need to be replaced. It's a common issue. Shop around. The dealer prices these struts like they came from Tiffany. Here is a link to an Amazon source:
  4. Most likely you have a problem with the Mode Servo which directs air flow to vents, defroster, heater, or mix. I replaced both the Mode Servo and the Air Mix Servo (which actually controls the temp of the air from the system). This is a common problem on this generation RX. The parts aren't particularly cheap but if you don't mind crawling under the dash both servos are a DIY type project. The following link has enough info to get your started and there are probably some videos on YouTube to help you out. Good luck.
  5. Well, I'm thoroughly confused now. Brakes should not cause an imbalance problem. If it's my RX300, it's headed back to the shop that did the balancing. The worst that will happen is the tires will actually be in balance and then you can begin to look elsewhere. Chances are if it's a good shop they will have seen a lot of unusual stuff in the past and may be able to point you in the right direction. Again, good luck.
  6. The first order of business is to take it back to whoever did the balancing and tell them they missed it. Badly. Ask them to also evaluate for road force issues (out of round) and possibly a bent wheel. It might be something as simple as a weight they put on has come off. I had that happen to my 2000 RX300 on one occasion. Those allow wheels sometimes won't let a perimeter weight seat properly and the can pop off. Regardless, a trip back to the balancing shop is the first thing to do. Good luck.
  7. It's time to let it go. After 19 years any substantial effort at repair would be throwing good money after bad. I also had a 2000 RX300 AWD with 225,000+ miles and it got to the point where once or twice a year there would be a sensor failure, alternator failure, or some other issue that would result in a major repair expense. Spending $1,000 for a repair (and a LOT more if it's the actual engine) is just not cost effective. My 2013 RX350 is still much the same vehicle as was my 2000 RX300 only so much better. If you really like the RX then rest assured that if you buy a decent used RX it
  8. "Ever since it has been replaced"..?? If the Lexus OEM windshield did NOT have this problem and it started immediately after the new windshield was installed, I think you should be talking to your insurance company before spending any money to address the symptoms instead of the root cause. All windshields are NOT created equal and it sounds like the new one has a surface that is creating your problem. This replacement glass evidently has optical properties which differ from the Lexus OEM product. Since your insurance paid for the replacement they should go back on Safelite for resolution
  9. Check my post dated March 17, 2018. If you can't get them there let me know.
  10. New ones available on the internet for about $175. Your best bet for finding a used one is going to be auto salvage yards. That series RX300 was very popular and I suspect they shouldn't be hard to find in a salvage yard. Here locally, Pull-A-Part can be a great source for used parts.
  11. I believe those three .PDF files are active again. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading them
  12. Unless you're a hardcore DIYer you're getting into an area where you probably need to know a reputable independent Toyota/Lexus shop. I think the #2 cylinder is in the front bank of cylinders so at least it'll be a LOT easier to access. Still, with only 120K on the odometer you could pull the head(s) and pony up the $$$ to address the problem and you still should have a LOT of miles remaining on that drive train. I think my 2000 RX300 AWD had about 245K on it when I traded it in on a Tacoma. I did have the transmission rebuilt at 135K and it was still going strong when we traded it. When
  13. If all this started quickly it's probably not a compression-related issue. Have you checked to be sure the #2 coil is actually firing..?? You didn't say anything about having replaced that coil and they are a weak spot.
  14. The first order of business is to determine exactly what the actual oil pressure is. If, in fact, the oil pressure is low enough to cause the oil pressure light to come on then you are at great risk of trashing the motor if you continue to drive it at all. Out of curiosity, why did you replace the oil pressure sending unit in the first place? If the oil pressure light was exhibiting the same symptoms before you replaced the sending unit then a failing oil pump would be in the lineup of usual suspects. A pressure gauge attached where the oil pressure sending goes will tell you whether or no
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