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Gen 2/3 Navi Dealer Cleaning


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has anyone had their navi lens cleaner cleaned at a dealer? Or is there a cleaner formatted to the software.. is that what the dealer has?

the system works but looses track of the disc and tells me the disk is dirty or damaged to check the disc. it does it with all 3 versions of the maps I have. Occasionally it tells me to contact a dealer. It is the lens that needs to be cleaned. I have use a home cleaner but since it is a dvd rom and the cleaner is a audio file I am not sure it is doing "the job" since you have to skip to track 9 and I have no control. it helped the first time but a year later its worse.

and has anyone cleaned it themselves by pulling the computer the box? i'm not so keen on internal harnesses ill pay the dealer for that

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baloo belle,

Take the car to a car audio installer. They can clean the DVD/Nav player for you in much the same manner as the cleaner disc that you used. If that doesn't do the job, they can pull the Nav unit, open the case and clean the laser head manually. From what you describe, that's all that should be needed. Good Luck!

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