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  1. I have an 02 that has steering wheel shimmy. I have been through 4 sets of tires and it changes with the balance and rotation. Depending on what rims are on this car it may need high speed balancing. I have upgraded factory rims that were chromed and are slightly out of round. I'm told its not enough to cause the shimmy but this car is soo sensitive. Currently with road force balance I only get the shimmy when decelerating with the brakes on certain pavement at a specific deceleration. It use to do it at highway speeds when the balance was really off. It depended on the type of pavement a
  2. I have a bubble/hissing noise coming from my left side of dash. Once upon a time I was told when it was only bubble vent control module to leave it alone til it breaks its in the dash. It has been a few years and now... hisses, does it more often, and when I turn the car on it does it with the ac being off. It does it randomly when I am not changing any of the setting or vents. Plus a new electrical noise like a dvd trying to read a bad disc has started in the drivers foot well. These noises do not seem to be related to the recycle on off noise I hear from the left footwell Trying to ver
  3. has anyone had their navi lens cleaner cleaned at a dealer? Or is there a cleaner formatted to the software.. is that what the dealer has? the system works but looses track of the disc and tells me the disk is dirty or damaged to check the disc. it does it with all 3 versions of the maps I have. Occasionally it tells me to contact a dealer. It is the lens that needs to be cleaned. I have use a home cleaner but since it is a dvd rom and the cleaner is a audio file I am not sure it is doing "the job" since you have to skip to track 9 and I have no control. it helped the first time but a ye
  4. what kind of glue would I need to glue the solid plastic/rubber (molding attaches to it) to glass? I tried an epoxy but isn't strong enough or maybe I didn't get enough in there cause it sets in 1 minute. maybe a cement or windshield rear view glue
  5. I changed all hoses including a leaky fuel line to canister and ventilation hose to top of engine plus almost all small lines once I changed all the hoses the engine light came back on with new specific codes. now that its not sucking air from the hoses it can find the actual problem. was a generic small evap sys leak code now P0441 Incorrect purge flow P0446 Vent control circuit I looked the obd2 codes up but am unfamiliar with evap system. I could only do hoses from diagram on hood. lol does this mean a vent could be broken or stuck causing the canister to not function right? it sayin
  6. the code says exactly.... p???? small evap system leak.. that's it. I see the mapping of the evap system on the hood. just spray wd40 where the tubing meets the fixtures while car is running and look for bubbles?
  7. within 5 mile of my house complete sunroof track glass n sun visor 185 and a headliner guy to install 200. spent the day correcting the seat belt pillars, reattaching the velcros, and cleaning up after him. next I get to pull the glass off and clean the tracks since he didn't do it either. but beats 1000 at the dealer. does anyone know what mechanism catches the sun visor to pull it forward when the glass closes? its not doing it anymore. I noticed the back on the back of my glass the weather stripping is sagging. on the junk yard glass the weather stripping is loose on one corner and pulled
  8. my car is es300 japan drive cable assembly part # 6320533030 however I only need one cable not 500$ in extra stuff im trying to check if the part no for the drive cable only American camry 63224aa020 would be the cables used in the jap assembly? has anyone fixed the cables and used another part no? I have diagrams 61-04 for the jap and American camry and the es. the es and Japanese assembly match Toyota dealer says they have used the $230 part but it is a !Removed! and they want 230 for it. can you go generic if I replace both?.. would I need to
  9. just trying to track down what ive been told. aic is on the throttle and part of evap sys, made sense to me! throws the same code everytime P? small evap leak. i disconnected my battery so i have to wait for the code to get the numbers. sparks and wires have been replaced. i have never replaced o2sensors. wouldn't it give a sensor code or a exhaust code?
  10. if anyone needs it to get rid of the auto moonroof pull fuse 63 pwr #1 amp30 fuse for the driver door window
  11. found this. is this true and correct? is it safe to use carburetor cleaner? is that different then mass airflow cleaner?
  12. my engine light comes on after a few tanks of gas. don't have the code but says evap leak small. changed oem gas cap. cant find leak with vacuum or smoke told me basically wait til something breaks. seems to be getting worse but still where no one else notices but me cause its my car! recently had throttle body cleaned but code was happening before that. ac relay was change 2 years ago n checks out ok symptoms vibrates at idles in drive. give it 50 to 100 rpm of gas and smooths out. idles around 600rpm sometimes a notch above or below but always vibrates unless I give it a little gas s
  13. transmission programing! had the update and third gear hesitates in the shift or double shifts then lunges. you just have to be careful when you hit 40ish cause if you ease up off the gas before it shifts it double shifts
  14. my back windows get stuck too, I hear its a Toyota thing. ive been slamming it for the last 5 years!
  15. I need to know how to delete the auto function. I need it to dump the programing in order to manually get it on track before I reprogram the auto. I talked to my lexus mechanic he said just keep disconnecting the positive cable and eventually it should unprogram. sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't.
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