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European Navigation Disc For 2004 Gx470


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I have a 2004 GX 470 with a Gen 2/3 nav system. I recently moved to Italy and have had trouble getting the European nav discs to work. After inserting a Europe disc,I get a message stating " cannot read DVD".

Can someone give me some clarification on the system :

- is the Car's nav system locked to US only discs?

- if so, is there a way to unlock it or change the region of the DVD player?

-Or, any other tips or tricks to get a European disc to work on a U.S. Lexus system?

Thank you very much. I am desperate to get the system working- not a lot of street signs or easy navigation in Italy!

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There is an excellent article on Wikipedia on DVD region codes. Yes, DVD players for Europe require a different region code disc that those for DVD players for North America.

This question has arisen a number of times over the years on this and other Lexus forums. I have never seen any solutions for this issue from the North American side but I have seen information on creating "hybrid" discs that can fool North American Lexus navigation systems into displaying maps for Europe although with limited functionality. There have also been companies in Europe that have offered conversion services. You might find information on a European Lexus forum such as the German language http://euro.lexusownersclub.com

Have you considered using a Garmin, TomTom or similar portable GPS unit or using a navigation app on a smartphone? The Garmin I have mounted on a bracket and hardwired into the accessory circuit in my 2000 LS400 works is easier to use than the OEM in-dash navigation in our 2012 Prius v (Prius+ in Europe) and provides excellent voice control for both navigation and hands-free phone.

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Thank you for the info. I have considered using a Garmin but was hoping to use the built-in system. When you say you have your Garmin wired into your accessory circuit, what do you mean by that?

My Garmin's power cord / traffic information receiver is attached to the same accessory circuit that powers the cigarette lighters so that the Garmin automatically turns on and off with the ignition key. The cables for the Garmin are mostly hidden as are the cables for my phone cradle. This is the third portable GPS installation I've done this way. The Garmin is mounted on a Pro.Fit "Bravo Ball" which is attached to a modified Pro.Fit Legend bracket as shown in the attached photo. There are probably a number of ways a portable GPS could be mounted in your GX assuming you don't want it attached to your windshield or to a dash-top disc.

The Garmin's display in the attached photo may look "washed out" by the camera flash but it is really perfectly clear. You can see the Garmin power cord running down into the phone console which is where the traffic information receiver is hidden. From there, the Garmin's power cord runs into the dash under the radio and behind the ashtray - lots of empty space there in my car. I did not trash the Garmin's power cord to attach it to the accessory circuit. I instead bought a $5 12V extension cord, chopped the plug off it and attached the extension cord's wires to the power wires leading to the aux power port underneath the armrest of my 2000 LS400. I then plugged the Garmin's male power cord/cigarette lighter plug into the extension cord's female port.

A coworker recently returned from spending several weeks driving around Spain and France. I don't remember if he said he used a TomTom or a Garmin in his rental car but I do remember him saying that it worked just as well as in the U.S. I assume that map coverage in Italy would be as good.



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