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I was going to post this to my previous request but I felt it needed to be put out on it's own Merit!

Thanks for the feedback guys, I just wanted to say that I was thinking about a Q45, and the ONLY reason I looked no further for a Q was because

A. No Forum like the LOC

B. I tried to get info from a half a$$ board and no response at all

C. The pros and the cons of the Lexus are superior to the Q45

D. This board answers all questions no matter how un-informed a potential owner may have (me)!

And it shows that people who own thes cars are a cut above the rest, thanks alot guys it makes a person feel confident about the purchase of a Lexus knowing they are armed with all the fire power they could ever need to make an informed decision. From all the potential owners to the experience folks of this board I offer you guys alot of gratitude!!


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I've always been curious about the Q45: great engine, but don't know much else. I would have pursued a Q also but they had NO LEGROOM until the model change in 01 or so; didn't want that new of a car.....

If you could list the pros/deficiencies of the Q45 compared to the LS400 I'd appreciate it.

This is a great club; professional and courteous - the way we should all be :D


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I owned a Q45 for about a 1 1/2 years. I put around 50,000 miles on it and only had to replace the alternator during that time. It was quicker than than the Ls when it came to passing and such. If I remember that engine was 300 hp. But the LS has a much better ride. If I had to choose car for car the Ls wins.

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