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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, maybe i will hang around. I hope to someday have another, it was one of the finest autos I've owned. We both really loved our cars.
  2. Thanks blake I really appreciate that. Another thing the wreck happened within about 100 yards of his house.
  3. I just want to thank everyone for all their advice and help over this last year. I will be leaving the club. You all have been a great bunch of people to talk to and to be associated with. The reason i am leaving is my nephew and owened a pair of matching Ls400's. Last thursday night he lost control of his on the way home from camping, ran off the road and rolled it into a lake. He did not drown but was killed by a part of the fence coming through the window. So when his wife and kids see mine it is a reminder so i sold mine today and replaced it with a expedition. Thanks again for all y
  4. napa auto parts sells them H3C
  5. It could be a belt in one of your tires that has shifted. I had the same thing happen a couple of times. If you rotate the tires left to right, the pull should change to the other side. If the pull changes it is just a matter of finding which tire on that side.
  6. I for got to say also it only took about 15 mins. for them to remove and replace.
  7. I just had my alternator rebuilt last week. They removed, rebuilt and replaced it for only $110. All bearings, brushes and internal parts were replaced with new as i stood and watched the complete rebuild. I have used this shop for 20 years for all different kinds of cars. I have all ways been very pleased with their work. They removed it from bottom with only the belt being removed.
  8. The backlight bulbs may be burnt out.
  9. Mine had around 140000 when it was replaced. Original owner did everything to the car but the belt. Mechanic said I was running on borrowed time when I changed it
  10. I agree , the interior refinement of the Ls is superior. The materials used in the ls seem to be of a higher grade than the Q. I saw my old Q45 a couple weeks ago and the seats looked as if someone had used a boxcutter on them. They were all to pieces. I sold to a older lady in town so i know it hasn't been mistreated.
  11. I owned a Q45 for about a 1 1/2 years. I put around 50,000 miles on it and only had to replace the alternator during that time. It was quicker than than the Ls when it came to passing and such. If I remember that engine was 300 hp. But the LS has a much better ride. If I had to choose car for car the Ls wins.
  12. It appears the second one may be at night, meaning slow shutter speed- blur.
  13. Those are for the idle control valve on the powersteering pump. If they are not used someone may have bypassed the valve.
  14. I had similar thing happen several times with my 91. Turned out to be a little water in the gas. Every time i bought from certain station I would get just enough to cause a occasional miss.
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