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  1. im in ca with the same swap. no legal issues. but i did hear that the motor you swap in your car needs to be a newer year than the body itself for ca. not sure though
  2. i know awj is in favor of turbo the ge motors. i did a swap with the gte and it's ridiculously powerful. swap wasnt hard to do at all also. rebuilding a motor before turbo-ing it may be a good idea, or you wont be able to boost so high. but just make sure u have someone who knows what theyr doing to rebuild your motor.
  3. my sc300 would smoke any stock car, except exotics. running 430hp, but havent got any times yet.
  4. it's never too late to start synthetic. but it is thinner and will go through existing leakages. if you have leaks, you need to fix that anyways.
  5. dont sell your car because your steering is a bit stiff. $1000 at a lexus dealership = $600 bucks at a local mechanic shop. i'm not too familiar with steering problems, but sounds like if a hose was leaking, it could have gotten elseware, dried, then froze up the wheel.
  6. not a big problem. most likely its either a blown fuse or relay. check the fuse, worry about the relay after you know its not the fuse.
  7. does the car need a tune up? old air filter maybe? maybe the person who had it before tweaked with the throttle a bit. does it idle at about 700rpm?
  8. i'm not sure if you may have answered this already, but will your tranny hold up for long? i heard that the autotranny on the sc's can hold up to about 400hp, not certian
  9. well he sure did a good job. super clean and plenty of boost. good job to him.
  10. yeah, but i dont think those brand name grounds are worth it, you can make your own on monster cable with 24k gold tongues for about 15 bucks and it'll work exactly the same. jsut dont expect to sit in the car and notice a major change or anything, it's probably not going to be very major....but it's there...i can almost guarantee it. all factory trannies and engine are grounded...but very small ground and theyr hidden. i foudn a ton of ground off the supra engine.
  11. hello lexxus, when i first bought my sc400 w/107,000 miles, there was never a single tune up done on that, except oil changes....and looking at the oil and fluids, somehow i doubt they did anythign at all in the past year....but anyhow, my belt held up pretty good and it was close to 110k. definately dont wait until then. check your belt. is it shiny? any cracks on either side? those are signs of a wearing down belt. i never take my cars to the shop, but i heard the sc400 will cost you approx 2 grand...maybe a little less for the sc300 since it's an inline and the water pump is so much more
  12. everyone jsut counting horses these days.... i'll leave the STi subject alone since i dont really care for them either, but i've heard STi's doing some crazy stuff out there... and for the ones who posts "2jz...1000+hp..." would you bet your money on some heavily modified supra against some heavily modified rx-7? FYI, rx-7's does 1000+hp(for the skeptics, which is cool and all, but go online, read some car books before you protest my own research)....rx-7 weighs 2800lbs....that's about 800 lbs lighter than the supra.... hell i love the 2jzgte...that's why i have it...but comon, b
  13. it's suppose to lower resistance and give you bigger sparks. i'm sure someone out there will disagree with that too, but it worked out for me perfectly.
  14. hm...funny...they advertise a 7 second supra... but ANYWAYS, i have one site for all the non-believers...TREMEK.COM
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